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Digital Communications


Digital communications is so important these days and our team are kept very busy helping to promote new courses and projects online. That means they have a huge amount of knowledge on what works. If you want to pick their brains you can email them on marketing@napier.ac.uk.


If you have a larger project we will probably ask you to fill in our Marketing and Communications Service Request form and send it to marketing@napier.ac.uk. You may not have all the answers yet but this provides a basis for a conversation to discuss and finalise your brief. This forms helps us ensure we have all the information we need to give you what you need.


Note that because there is a high demand for our services, we are prioritising work which fits within the University's four areas of key weighted effort. If your request does not fit within one of these areas, we will discuss the project with you and make recommendations. This could include the use of external suppliers who have been procured by the department.



If you have any questions about web information or resources then please check the relevant page below or contact a member of the team. Details are given on each page about the relevant person to contact.


Website  - www.napier.ac.uk (external-facing). Find out more.
Staff Intranet - http://staff.napier.ac.uk (staff resource). Find out more.
Student Portal - https://studentportal.napier.ac.uk (student resource). Find out more.
MyNapier - http://my.napier.ac.uk (student resource).
Teamsites - http://staffintranet.napier.ac.uk/sites (staff resource). See the Staff Intranet page.
Staff Directory - http://www2.napier.ac.uk/directory. See the Staff Intranet page.


We also provide some central services which apply to all web based communications, including:

  • Working with departments, school and faculty staff on how best to deliver their content and services online.
  • Curating content on the external website www.napier.ac.uk.
  • Providing guidance on writing for the web, including advice on search engine optimisation for content editors.
  • Providing training and advice for content editors on updating and maintaining their department intranet site.
  • Understanding our customer preferences to ensure our digital comms are focused on their needs.
  • Web page and digital design.
  • Monitoring developments in the digital space to ensure the University keeps up to speed with emerging trends and technologies.
  • Website statistics and site performance data to inform your delivery of online content and achieve improved return on investment.
  • Consultancy on the digital elements of campaigns - including tracking, measurement and return on investment review.
  • Digital Customer Relationship Management activity including HTML email design.
  • Multimedia and video production and management.
  • A lead on the adoption and use of social media, such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.