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External Website


Details of the website audiences (from school pupils, to event organisers)The website is the primary public-facing web resource for the University and is often the first point of contact for potential customers and stakeholders.


Who looks after the website?


The strategy and development of the website is led by the Digital team with technical support provided by IT. We work with colleagues from across the University to create the best resource possible.


We aim to provide an integrated site with one clear system of navigation and design, providing a consistent user journey. 


The website is centrally funded, so departments don't have to pay for software, design or maintaining websites from their own budgets. We are responsible for updating and maintaining all content on the website, with the help of a few Super Users of the content management system.


All content follows the  Writing Style Guide and  CMS manual.


If you would like to add a new course to the Course Listings please complete the  Course Details Form and send it to j.anderson@napier.ac.uk.


Resources for content editors


Banner template for Photoshop
SEO template for page editing (with examples)


Accuracy of website content


If you find any inaccurate or out of date content, please alert the Digital team in the first instance who will arrange for the content to be updated.


Links to module information within the Courses site are the responsibility of the Faculty so please contact the Faculty office to have this information updated.


Tracking & measurement


We use Google Analytics to inform us about website usage. This helps us identify and prioritise areas for development, to continuously improve the effectiveness of the website.


We can also provide advice and guidance about the effectiveness of marketing and communication campaigns. We can measure visits from URLs that you include in publications or posters (if you let us know first!), and we always track activity on our digital marketing activities. This supports campaign evaluation and benchmarking, to help improve future return on investment.


What do the stats tell us?


The online course pages receive an average of 35,000 visitors per month - this is the most popular part of the website. It's  also the preferred place to put all course-related content since it has so many visitors.


40% of our website visitors come via the homepage, and the rest go directly to specific pages from a search engine result.


Advertising generally provides only a small amount of traffic to our site, with very few people responding to URLs published in print adverts (or very few people actually reading print adverts). Online advertising is howver more effective than print in generating site visitors, with Facebook and Google ads being the most effective of all.


Please email Scott McNeil if you would like information about tracking and measuring your digital activities.