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Metadata is information that doesn't appear on the screen, but can help tools like Google understand your content.


We use two main types of metadata: titles and descriptions.



Every page must have a title. You pick this when creating the page.


Your page's title is usually the same as your <h1> tag. It doesn't have to be, though.


The page title appears in a few places:


  • in the tab at the top of your browser window
  • in navigation menus
  • as the clickable link on Google and Facebook


Make your titles short and descriptive so that people know what they're going to find when they visit the page.


Use keywords that your users are going to be searching for.


Keep titles under 55 characters - if they're any longer than this, Google will cut them off.


Find out more about title tags.



Use the page description to give users a bit more information about the page.


It'll appear underneath the clickable link on Google and Facebook, so it gives you a bit more space to explain what people will find on your page.


Google will cut descriptions off after 160 characters, so keep them shorter than this.


Find out more about description tags.