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Tuesday 5 June 2018
Co-creating Learning and Teaching: an exploration of rationales and approaches
Dr Catherine Bovill, University of Edinburgh

Over the last five years we have witnessed increasing interest in students and staff co-creating learning and teaching. Whether initiatives are labelled as students as partners, student voice or student engagement; collaboration seems to be the latest trend. In this lecture, Catherine will demonstrate that co-creation is not a new idea, but it is perhaps one that we have never fully embraced in higher education. The rationales given for pursuing co-creation will be explored, and a range of real examples of different approaches to co-creation being adopted in a variety of universities and disciplines will be provided.

Speaker biography

Dr Catherine Bovill is a Senior Lecturer in Student Engagement at the Institute for Academic Development, University of Edinburgh, and a Visiting Fellow (Knowledge Exchange) at the University of Winchester. Cathy is a Senior Fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy, and a Fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association. She is an Editorial Board member of Teaching in Higher Education and from 2013-2016 she was Associate Editor (Europe) for the International Journal for Academic Development. She has published and presented widely on student engagement, students as partners and student-staff co-creation of curricula.

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018, 4-5.15pm, Room 1/10 Craiglockhart
Hidden learning in higher education: what is it and why do we need to know about it?

Paul Orsmond (Staffordshire University)

**This event was cancelled due to severe weather. We will announce any rescheduling updates**

In this Arise lecture Paul Orsmond suggests that a re-evaluation of learning in higher education is required, one which prioritises participatory learning, that is, learning which is indivisible from its context and embedded in social processes. This, he maintains, could be achieved by implementing socio-cultural approaches to learning such as those associated with communities of practice (CoP).

Within higher education there is increasing interest in learning within communities of practice. Weger and Nȕckles (2015) make the distinction between learning viewed in terms of acquisition of a knowledge entity which is ‘owned’ or ‘bought’, and the participation metaphor, whereby knowledge is recognised in what someone does. This shifts the focus from learning as the individual activity of ‘getting’ something, to emphasise learning as a process of enculturation into a community of practice, which is about ‘becoming’.

Throughout his 45 minute presentation, and the linked facilitated discussion session which follows it, participants will have chance to hear about Paul’s research, ask questions and consider the implications for their own practice.

Paul’s approach is likely to resonate strongly with the growing interest many have in fostering a sense of community and ‘belonging’ at university.

Come along and find out more!

Speaker biography

Paul Orsmond is Senior lecturer in Biology at Staffordshire University. He is well-known -both nationally and internationally- for carrying out leading-edge pedagogical research projects in higher education. He has published widely on a range of important topics, including assessment and feedback, peer observation of teaching, the use of self and peer assessment in HE and students’ social learning practices.

Examples of his outputs include:

Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education, 38 (2), pp.240-252.

 Advances in Health Sciences Education, 20 (2), pp.479-497.

Studies in Higher Education, 38 (6), pp.890-906.​


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Monday, 25 September 2017
International Students in UK Higher Education: Understanding the Socio-cultural, Academic and Political Context of International Learning

Do you work with international students? Come along to this lecture to gain a deeper understanding of the international student experience of UK higher education. What factors influence their learning and what is your role in influencing the positive development of an international community?


Professor Catherine Montgomery will talk about the contemporary construction of the international student in UK higher education and explain how the socio-cultural, academic and political environment of higher education in the UK influences the learning experience of international students. Catherine will refer to a number of past and current research projects she has carried out on internationalisation in higher education in order to explore our institutional constructions of the international student and dispel the deficit model of the student. She will also present a comparative view from her more recent work on China and East Asia which illuminates current challenges in the directions of the UK approach to internationalisation and international students.


Speaker biography

Catherine Montgomery is Professor of Education in the Department of Education at the University of Bath. Her research and teaching career have largely focused on international higher education and she has recently developed a strong research interest in international and transnational higher education in China and Vietnam. Before joining Bath she held research and teaching roles at the universities of Hull, Northumbria, Essex and Newcastle. She was Professor of International Higher Education at the University of Hull for four years and prior to that, she was Research Director for the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, focusing on Assessment for Learning at Northumbria University. This 5-year project centred on autonomy in learning and the balance between high-stakes testing and formative assessment in Higher Education. Catherine is the author of the book ‘Understanding the international student experience’ which has sold widely in the UK, Australia and the USA since its publication in 2010. She has published extensively on international education and pedagogy and she is also currently Deputy Editor for the Journal of Education for Teaching.

Thursday 16 March 2017

EDUTAINMENT OR EDUCATION? Promoting learning in a large class environment
Professor Abby Cathcart, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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