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​Curriculum Management Project Team


The Curriculum Management project is governed by the following project structure and the board has agreed three initial work streams and an Academic Liaison Group to deliver our aims.



Work Stream 1 Team:

Andrew Foulner (Head of Procurement), Steven Logie (Director of School Support Service), Katrina Swanton (Head of Quality & Enhancement), Kath Twaddell (School Support Manager), Sharon Nairn (School Enhancement Lead), Marie Daly (Student Systems Officer), Derek MacDonald (Information Services)

Work Stream 2 Team:

Lesley Jackson (School Support Manager), Liz Innes (School Support Coordinator) Elise Russell (Quality & Standards Manager), Marie Daly (Student Systems Officer), Carina Sutherland (HESA Data Futures Project Manager), Alan McFarlane (Senior Planning Officer), Aileen Sibbald (Global Online Enhancement Lead)

Work Stream 3 Team:

Fiona Stainsby (Senior Lecturer), Julie Dickson (School Support Manager), Louise Douglass (School Operations Officer), Pamela Calabrese (Quality and Standards Manager), Dawn Munro (International Marketing Manager), Andrew Quickfall (Head of Planning and Business Intelligence)

Academic Liaison Group Team:
Business School
Jaqueline Brodie, Patrick Harte, Ronnie Lannon, Rowan Steele, Rosemary Alford, Wendy Wu

School of Arts & Creative Industries
Bryden Stillie, Iain Davie, Aleksander Kocic

School of Computing
Laura Muir, Colin Smith

School of Engineering and the Built Environment
Mike Thomson, Grant Sinclair

School of Applied Sciences
Fiona Stainsby, Eleanor Drake

School of Health & Social Care
Catherine Mahoney, Susan Dawkes


Please contact Andrew McKendrick or a specific team member if you have any queries.


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