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Curriculum Management Timescales and Updates


The current timescales for the Curriculum Management Project:

Akari System Discovery Workshops November–December 2020,

Review Discovery Report January 2021.

Design and Planning February 2021–July2021

Implementation July 2021–September2022.

Testing and Pilot September 2022 -December 2022

Launch January 2023

Some of the key achievements and milestones delivered to date are listed below: 


Initial system configuration complete (confirmation of data required and functionality required) 

Migration templates created 

Baseline data for modules and provision (programmes and courses) 

Cleanse of current provision, module, and availability data 

One third of migration templates to be populated complete 

Creation of 9 workflows (processes) in system for testing (Module, Provision Approval/Change/Close and Administrative processes) 

Integrated business case, module and provision set up tasks 

Baseline and set up of accreditation bodies 

Initial extraction of test data successful and SITS integration in development 

Version Comparison report configured 

Advanced Search configured 

Approval of two new roles created to manage, support, and develop Curriculum Management