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This is regularly updated. Please keep checking for new opportunities! Contact dlte@napier.ac.uk for any information.

 ​Toughing it out with the guys’

A distinctive form of student engagement for direct entrants to engineering at University

Julia Fotheringham

Wednesday 17 October, 12:15-12:45
F14, Merchiston

This seminar is based on a two year research study into students’ lived experiences of transition support initiatives, designed to help them develop a sense of engagement (Bryson, 2014) and belonging (Masika & Jones, 2016) as they make their transition from college to university.  The study took place in the context of a Scottish government funded Associate Student Project (ASP) (Scottish Funding Council, 2013) designed for widening participation in STEM subjects at University and to enhance collaboration between colleges and their university partners. Students articulating on this route are recognized as ‘Associate Students’ of the host University and their status gives them access to University library, gyms and associations as well as campus visits, guest lectures, academic skills workshops  and advice and guidance.


Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the ways in which student engagement initiatives fail to resonate with particular student groups, and to consider ways in which the notion of studentship varies from the dominant interpretations of belonging to the university.



Bryson, C. (2014). Clarifying student engagement. In C. Bryson (Ed.), Understanding and Developing Student Engagement (pp. 1–22). Oxon: Routledge.

Masika, R., & Jones, J. (2016). Building student belonging and engagement: insights into higher education students’ experiences of participating and learning together. Teaching in Higher Education, 21(2), 138–150.

Scottish Funding Council. (2013). Guidance: Additional articulation places scheme for partnership between college and universities. Retrieved from http://www.sfc.ac.uk/web/FILES/Guidance/Guidance_06032013_Articulation_scheme.pdf​

 Serving on a Univ​ersity Programme Approval or Review Panel: Panel Member Essentials

Workshop at Sighthill – Wednesday 24 October – Sighthill Campus 3.D.13

Workshop at Merchiston – Wednesday 21 November – Merchiston Campus C83a

Booking essential as places are limited. Please contact quality@napier.ac.uk to reserve your place.​ 

 Helping Students Engage More Fully with Assessment Feedback​

Dr Naomi Winstone, University of Surrey

Monday 5 November 2018
Sighthill 2.D.05 @ 12 noon (All welcome and sandwich lunch provided)

In this session Naomi will be drawing upon the findings from her recent programme of research to explore how the responsibility for ensuring that feedback has high impact can, and should, be shared between educators and students. She will share practical strategies that can be used to support students to engage productively with feedback, and will discuss how we can involve students as active rather than passive participants in the feedback process. Naomi will also share her work on staff-student partnerships in feedback design.

Book now to reserve your place >>​​

 Publishing Your Pedagogic Research

Dr Naomi Winstone, Sur​rey University

Monday 3 November, 3-4pm
5.B.16, Sighthill

This workshop will be of interest to those seeking to publish the outcomes from pedagogic research projects. We w​ill discuss different outlets for pedagogic research, and how to overcome common pitfalls in order to maximise chances of acceptance. Participants are encouraged to bring along an idea for a project, or a brief description of a completed project, which will form the basis of discussion activities in the session.​ 

Available all year


Understanding and applying the academic regulations including preparation for Exam Boards

This Moodle resource offers guidance on how to understand and apply the University’s assessment regulations. It is updated annually in February/March https://moodlecommunity.napier.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=198


Preparing for Programme Approval and Review

Tailored support for programme teams in understanding the requirements of Sections 1 and 2 of the Quality Framework

Contact: quality@napier.ac.uk


eSubmission Support

Support for setting up eSubmission of assessment is available from the Learning Technology Team. Guidelines, training sessions and 1-2-1 support are all on offer.

Find out more about eSubmission and access the Guidelines: https://blogs.napier.ac.uk/learningtechnologyhub/esubmission/


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Learning Technology Support Sessions

The Learning Technology Team offer a range of support sessions – from Creating & sharing videos to Classroom voting and much more.

Sessions are regularly added. Check out availability at http://libcal.napier.ac.uk/



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