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DLTE Previous Events and Resources 2020/21

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Academic Welcome

Wednesday 24 February 2021 ONLINE EVENT

This induction event is for those recently appointed with an academic role at Edinburgh Napier. All new appointees will receive a personal invite. For further information contact l.mccarte@napier.ac.uk​ ​


Decolonising more than just the curriculum WEBINAR

Dr Hardeep Basra and Sumeya Loonat, De Montfort University, Leicester

Thursday 3 December 2020, 1.30–2.30pm ONLINE MS TEAMS EVENT


This is our first Learning and Teaching Network @ Edinburgh Napier event. It is open to everyone. The timing of an event focused on Decolonising the Curriculum is ideal. It aligns with the BAMEish project and also the finalisation of the Edinburgh Napier Gold Standard Curriculum. The webinar promises to challenge our thinking and to support the evolution of our academic practices within our disciplines and across the University.


This session explores DeMontfort University’s transformational project called Decolonising DMU which, at its heart, adopts a ‘whole systems’ approach to addresses the entrenched inequalities prevalent in higher education institutions.


Integral to the delivery of DMU’s vision is to reconsider the ‘training’ offered to new academics. A reflection of existing scholarship of learning and teaching and pedagogic approaches itself brings the issue of inclusivity into question and suggest HEIs are perhaps reinforcing knowledge, norms and behaviours which does not fully prepare academics to consider the impact of their teaching on diverse students. At DMU the entire Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice is being revised so it can act as a critical tool to enable new academics to develop their teaching inline with the principles of Decolonising DMU and this session will provide you with review of this work.


The session then moves onto explore the intersectionality of race and language within a teaching and learning context. There are significant barriers faced by students of colour in higher education and the mainstream framing of these students is usually viewed through a deficit model which is harmful as it perpetuates negative stereotypes. This session considers alternative approaches which enhance the student sense of belonging through the use of language and habitual learning and teaching practices.


By the end of the session you will:

  • gain an understanding of the Decolonising DMU project
  • have an insight into how a PgCAP/PgCert can be developed to shape a more inclusive teaching approach
  • understand the importance of language to enhance the student sense of belonging.


For further information, please contact Ruth Doak, Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement


Academic Welcome

Wednesday 21 October 2020 ONLINE EVENT

This induction event is for those recently appointed with an academic role at Edinburgh Napier. All new appointees will receive a personal invite which they should RSVP by Friday 9 October to l.mccarte@napier.ac.uk​ ​


Ensuring student engagement in the quality of their online learning experience: a Digital Support Partnership webinar hosted by sparqs

Wednesday 7 October 2020 ONLINE EVENT, 2-3pm


As part of the Digital Support Partnership project (DSP) we are offering an online webinar in conjunction with sparqs (Student Partnerships in Quality Scotland) to support staff who are supporting and teaching students online.


Led by sparqs, this webinar aims to identify how staff can support student engagement in the quality of their learning experience within the online environment. Providing a brief overview of student engagement in the sector, this webinar will outline approaches and opportunities for staff to engage students online, the various roles students might take from ‘information provider’ to ‘partner’, and the ways in which staff can enable those roles and strengthen engagement for all students. This event will also explore approaches to online Staff Student Liaison Committees and will highlight some of the institutional student voice activities at Edinburgh Napier and the role of ENSA and the Quality & Standards team.


This webinar is open to all members of staff.​

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