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​Learning & Teaching Matters eNewsletter


**UPDATE** Learning & Teaching Matters is currently on hold (announcement posted 18 October 2021)

We are pausing the publication of this newsletter while we best develop our communications plan. If you have any comments or concerns please contact us dlte@napier.ac.uk. In the meantime, please take a look at our back issues listed below.


​Learning & Teaching Matters is a monthly (excluding August and January) eNewsletter produced by the Department of Learning & Teaching Enhancement. Academics currently on the Learning and Teaching Pathway are automatically included on the distribution list, however, the newsletter is open to anyone. Please contact dlte@napier.ac.uk to opt in to the email distribution list, or submit an article.

Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 20, October 2021
Meet the Team (I Dencer-Brown)
Curriculum Management update (A McKendrick)
Reflections of Freire Event (F Smart, Z Moir, C Graham)
Transnational Education - CAPED report (I van Knippenberg, S Taylor, I Dencer-Brown)
What difference does HEA fellowship make beyond the insitutional metric? Blog link (F Smart)
Focus on Fellowship (I van Knippenberg)
Students as Colleagues (P Calabrese)
Personal Development Tutors (P Calabrese)
Collaborative Clusters: Resilient Communities - funding announcement
PFHEA event


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 19, September 2021
Two very warm welcomes and a fond farewell! (Prof Nazira Karodia, Prof Catriona Cunningham, Prof Alyson Tobin)
Meet the Team (Gillian Davies)
National Teaching Fellow Award (Dr Eva Malone)
Speakeasy (29 September)
A Professor Ponders: Referencing (J Cowan)
Freire at 100 Event (20 September)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 18, July 2021
DLTE Thank you (Quality & Standards Team)
Meet the Team: Jenny Zike
DSP Above and Beyond Win (F Smart)
Focus on Fellowship (I van Knippenberg) 
A Professor Ponders: Online Engagement (J Cowan)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 17, June 2021
Dr Fiona Smart Retires from DLTE
Gold Standard Curriculum Framework: FAQs (M le Vaul-Grimwood)
Embedding Environmental Sustainability in the Curriculum (S Smith and C Egan)
Blended and Online Education Postraduate Programme (L Drumm)
NEW Marking and Internal Moderation Practice Guidance (F Smart)
L&T Network and the Third Space Professional (K Swanton)
The Summer of Ukuleles Goes Global (L Drumm)
Paulo Freire's Centinnial Birth Anniversary: event on 20 September
A Professor Ponders: Student Engagement in Blended Learning Contexts (J Cowan)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 16, May 2021
Meet the Team: Ingeborg van Knippenberg
Learning & Teaching Virtual Exhibition
Digital Support Partnership: Lessons Learned (L Drumm)
Academic Identity and Practice as a Result of COVID-19 (S Smith)
NEW PgCert in Teaching and Supporting Learning in HE (C Graham)
Introducing the Gold Standard Curriculum Framework (M le Vaul-Grimwood)
Learning & Teaching Network (S Illingworth)
PDT Live!
Curriculum Management (A McKendrick)
Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (M le Vaul-Grimwood and I Dencer-Brown)
Internal Quality Assurance in Times of COVID-19 (P Calabrese)
A Professor Ponders (J Cowan)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 15, March 2021
Meet the Team: Marita le Vaul-Grimwood
Focus on Fellowship (I van Knippenberg)
How the Pandemic is Changing the Focus from 'What' We Teach and Assess To 'How' (C Garden)
A Professor Ponders: Agenda Items During a Pandemic (J Cowan)
Mainstreaming Reasonable Adjustments (J Staal)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 14, February 2021
Meet the Team: Sam Illingworth
Launch of New Podcast: Conversations on Online Learning (S Taylor)
Intangible Assests in the HE Context (F Smart)
Learning & Teaching Neetwork Grant Applications (R Doak)
Curriculum Management (A McKendrick)
Programme Leadership Roadmap (E Malone)
To Be or Not To Be: Physical Absence and Virtual Presence in Online Learning (S Taylor and I van Knippenberg)
Achieving Outcomes While Encouraging Motivation and Engagement (J Cowan)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 13, December 2020
The Learning & Teaching Strategy 2020-25 (A Tobin)
Conducting a First QAA Review During a Global Pandemic (K Swanton)
Annual Monitoring and Review (J Gregson and K Swanton)
Programme Leaders Roadmap (E Malone)
Meet the Team: Ruth Doak
A Review of the Summer of Ukuleles (L Drumm)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 12, November 2020
A New Transdisciplinary Module on Sustainability (M Huxham)
STEM Academy Update (F Smart)
Invisible Disabilities: Sunflower Lanyards (J Staal)
Building Resilient Learning Communities
My International PhD Journey (I Dencer-Brown)
ENroute Yearbook 2019-20 (C Graham)
University Gold Standard Curriculum
Learning & Teaching Network
EDTA Speakeasy (F Smart)
Student Engagement Seminar (H Fyfe and P Calabrese)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 11, October 2020
Wellbeing for Students During the Pandemic and in the Future (I Dencer-Brown)
Visuals to Support Learning and Teaching (K Swanton)
Meet the Team: Stuart Taylor
Curriculum Management (A McKendrick)
Challenges and Opportunities in a Saudi Arabian Context (F Smart)
The ENroute Process Experience (W Wu)
DLTE staff news


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 10, September 2020
Timetabled Time
Launch of the National Teaching Repository (K Swanton)
Need a Helping Hand with Writing More Authentic Assessment Tasks? (K Sambell)
Association for Learning Technology Summer Summit (L Drumm, I van Knippenberg, S Taylor, I Dencer-Brown)
Peer Interaction: One Dogmatic Assertion After Another (J Cowan)
Students as Colleagues


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 09, July 2020​
Digital Support Partnership Project (F Smart)
Meet the Team: Louise Drumm
Managing Change Approvals 2020/21 (K Swanton)
Students as Colleagues (M Huxham)
Let's Talk! Conversations About Learning and Teaching (I van Knippenberg and Z Moir)
Student Engagement with Quality (P Calabrese)
DLTE Students Win Above and Beyond Awards (C Graham)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 08, June 2020
Professional Graduate Diploma in Education
Summer STEM Academy
Dr Julia Fotheringham
The Summer of Ukuleles
Book Review: How We Learn by Stanislas Dehaene
Mental Health Awareness


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 07, May 2020
Our Community of Practice
Meet the Team: Cameron Graham
Let's Talk! Conversations About Learning and Teaching at Edinburgh Napier
Online Open Education Conference April 2020
Engagement with Quality Assurance
ENroute Update
Introduction to Learning and Teaching in HE (International Module)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 06, April 2020
Editor's Note: COVID-19 pandemic
Supporting Student Learning Online
Online Daily DLTE Lunchtime Chats
Help! How Do I Teach Online?
Tips to Stay Healthy and Well


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 05, March 2020 
Book Review: Rick Pickings by Daphne Loads
SHED Meeting Review
Student-led Project to Develop Online Refresher Training for PDTS
Learning, Teaching & Research Conference Call
Meet the Team: Katrina Swanton
DLTE Roadshow Dates
Reg of the Month: Regulation A3.1


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 04, February 2020 
Developing the Learning & Teaching Strategy
SHED Meeting February 2020
Reg of the Month: Regulations B6.3 and C6.3
Meet the Professors: John Cowan
Final Call: Teaching Fellow Grants 2020
Creative and Innovative Approaches to Enhancing Student Engagement
Attendance at Specialist Translation Skills Course (TF Grant Funded)


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 03, December 2019
Learning through Failure
ARISE Lecture: Unlocking the Power of Authentic Assessment, Dr Lydia Arnold
Conference Report: Improving University Teaching
Meet the Professors: Mark Huxham
Webinar Series for Programme Leaders
Reg of the Month: Emergency Regulations
What do our External Examiners Think of Edinburgh Napier?
ENroute update
Teaching Fellow Grants


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 02, November 2019​
Launching GXUST China Learning and Teaching Practice Module
Meet the Professors: Kay Sambell
ESTABLISH: Student-led Digital Transition Project
Reg of the Month: Academic Reg A7.13
Students as Colleagues
Community and Belonging: showcase of mini-projects


Learning & Teaching Matters, Issue 01, October 2019
Welcome to L&T Matters
PgCert Learning, Teaching and Assessment Practice
MSc Blended and Online Education
Programme Leader Resources
PDT Toolkit
ELIR 2019