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Academic Regulations 2017/18


The following regulations apply to current students who matriculated onto the academic regulations in academic year 2017/18. The regulations for 2016/17 will still apply for some students and can be found on the left hand banner. 

Please note that all regulations are subject to review as part of the commencement of a new academic year. 

Our retention schedule determines that academic regulations are kept for ten years. These are kept here​ if you wish to review them. Please contact Quality & Standards if you need assistance in finding older versions of the Academic Regulations.

A Moodle course is available to support staff in understanding and applying Sections A-C of the academic regulations. It is available for self-enrolment: http://moodlecommunity.napier.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=198

Section A General Regulations 2017/18


Section B Undergraduate Regulations 2017/18


Section C Taught Master’s Regulations 2017/18


Section D Research Degree Regulations 2017/18


Section E: Regulations for Nursing and Midwifery Pre-Registration Programmes of Study


Academic Appeals Regulations 2017/18


Student Conduct Regulations 2017/18


Fitness to Practise Regulations 2017/18


Fit to sit and Extenuating Circumstances Regulations 2017/18 


Coursework Extension Policy 2017/18

Graduate Academic Misconduct Procedure 2017/18


Current Exemptions to Regulations 2017/18

Amendments to the academic regulations 2017/18.pdf