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​Special Interest Group in mentoring and coaching: SIG-M


SIG-M is a Teaching Fellows Special Interest Group set up to support Teaching Fellows and other colleagues from across the University who are already active in mentoring or have an interest in becoming mentors. SIG-M is keen to support, develop and enhance mentoring and coaching work, including relevant Teaching Fellow activity; to contribute to relevant University strategies, policy and procedures and support alignment with University values; to locate, communicate and apply external resources and existing knowledge relevant to mentoring and coaching; to contribute to the operation and development of the SEDA ENMCA.


SIG-M Coordinators

Elaine Mowat, Academic Developer & Teaching Fellow, Academic Professional Development

Karen Campbell, Senior Teaching Fellow, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care

Janis Ross, Lecturer, School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care




The remit below covers both mentoring and coaching so where one is mentioned the other is also indicated.




1. To facilitate networking and support of colleagues who are already active in mentoring, or have an interest in becoming mentors;

2. To foster development of expertise in mentoring across the University, especially in relation to mentoring as a way to promote and enhance academic practice and development;

3. To support, develop and enhance mentoring work done in relation to Teaching Fellow and professional recognition applications, and to support TF grant-aided educational development work;

4. To bring the group’s expertise to bear on critical evaluation of and support for the development of related university policies and procedures;

5. To locate and draw upon external resources and networks to support the development and use of knowledge and experience in the area of mentoring;

6. To help bring existing theoretical and practical knowledge into our LTA practice in academic and academic-related work, and to communicate this knowledge widely across the institution, including the recording and celebration of our achievements;

7. To collaborate with staff from the Department of Learning and Teaching Enhancement in the operation and development of the SEDA Mentoring & Coaching award;

8. To be at the forefront of grant-aided Teaching Fellow project work in this area;

9. To support the achievement of the University’s strategic aims and align with the organisational values of professionalism, ambition, inclusion and innovation.


The SIG will comprise two co-leaders working alongside university colleagues with an interest and expertise in this area in an informal and mutually supportive manner.