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Kay Sambell's full publications list


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Journal Papers and Book Chapters


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Papers Published in Refereed Conference Proceedings


Sambell, K. (2015) Real time feedback in large classes. In Fernandez, N., Talledo, I.S. and Ruiz, E. (Eds.) Proceedings of Ninth International Congress on Formative and Shared Assessment in Higher Education, Universidad Cantabria, 1505-1515.


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Pedagogic Practice Guides and CPD Resources


Sambell, K. ‘Informal Feedback’ (2015) WISE Assessment Forum, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and learning, University of Hong Kong (HKU).


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Sample of Conference Papers 


Reimann, N., Sambell, K., Sadler, I. and Graham, L. Feedforward: Higher Education Teachers’ Practices and Conceptualisations of An Emerging Concept, EARLI Assessment SIG: Munich, 24-26 August 2016.


Reimann, N., Sadler, I. and Sambell, K. Feedforward in Higher Education: conceptualisations and practices. Higher Education Conference, Amsterdam, July 16th 2016.


Brown, S. and Sambell, K. (2016) Changing practice on feedback at an institutional level. Paper to Transforming Assessment at Institutional Level, Assessment in HE seminar, Manchester, 30th June 2016. (Also selected as one of three papers from the conference to feature in a recorded webinar discussion as part of the Australian Transforming Assessment series, http://transformingassessment.com/events.php).


Brown, S. and Sambell, K. “But how do I know what you really want us to do?”: using readily-accessible exemplars to develop assessment literacy and competence. SEDA Spring conference, Edinburgh 12-13 May 2016.


Reimann, N., Sadler, I., Sambell, K. and Graham, L. Establishing the foundations for independent learning through feedforward? Improving University Teaching, Durham, July 13th 2016.


Sambell, K. and Graham, L. ‘It gives you a wake-up call to know what you need to work on!’ Students’ views of the value of pre-assessment workshops as aids to transition into studying in higher education. European First Year Experience Conference, Ghent, Belgium, 4-6 April 2016.


Sambell, K. Real Time feedback in large classes. IX International Congress On Formative and Shared Assessment in Higher Education: Emerging trends in assessment, Santander, Spain 17-19th September 2015.


Gibson, M. and Sambell, K. The Excelsior Award. Disrupting professional notions of childhood, reading and gender. International Society for Research in Children’s Literature (IRSCL) 22nd Biennial Congress, Worcester, 8-12th August 2015.


Sambell, K. Using exemplars to develop assessment literacy: what do students learn to notice in pre-assessment workshops? 5th International conference on Higher Education Assessment, Birmingham, June 2015.


Gibson, M and Sambell, K. Disrupting professional notions about constructions of childhood, reading and gender. Child and the Book conference, Alveiro, Portugal April 2015.


Sambell, K. and Graham, L. Working together to develop first years’ Feedback Know How. European First Year Experience annual conference, Nottingham Trent University, June 9-11th 2015.


Sambell, K. and Graham, L. Developing feedback know-how. Engaging students with feedback literacy. Staff and Educational Development Association (SEDA) Annual Spring conference ‘Engaging students: engaging staff.’ 15-16 May 2014, Newcastle.


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