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Quality Framework

The Quality Framework is the University’s definitive source of information on our approach to academic quality assurance and enhancement. It is the authoritative reference point for all academic quality activities University-wide and provides advice and guidance which must be followed on the application of the University's academic regulations. More information about the Quality Framework and how it should be used, can be found in the Introduction to the Quality Framework below. The Related Resources box below contains links to key materials and resources to support the implementation of processes set out with the Quality Framework, such as links to the academic regulations.


From Trimester Two 2022/23, the University has launched a new approach to Curriculum Management, supported by significant amendments to the Quality Framework, including a new Section One (which subsumes policy and procedure previously within Sections 1a-c; Sections 0c, Sections 3 and 6). Work continues to align procedures associated with the approval of collaborative provision in line with our new approach to Curriculum Management.  In recognition that this is a mid-session change, our previous Quality Framework documentation is still available as some of the Governance arrangements for the remainder of this year continue to be informed by the 2021/22 approach. Full revisions to the Quality Framework will be completed in advance of the 2023/24 academic session. 

Click here for details of the previous Quality Framework.

​Please contact quality@napier.ac.uk if you have any queries. 


Section 0: Introduction to the Quality FrameworkSection 0a: School-level Quality ResponsibilitiesSection 0b: Appointing External PeersRelated Resources

Section 1. Curriculum Management: Development, Approval, Change & Withdrawal
Section 2: Internal Monitoring & Review Introduction (Updeated 22/23)Section 2a: Annual Monitoring & Review (Updated 22/23)Section 2b: Instition-led ReviewSection 2c: ENhance - Evidence Informed Dialogues.Section 2: Forms
Section 4: Managing Provision Delivered in Partnership IntroductionSection 4a: Early ConsiderationSection 4b: Developing the ProposalSection 4c: Due Diligence ScrutinySection 4d: Business Case Development & Approval

Section 4e: Academic Approval of ProvisionSection 4f: The Collaborative AgreementSection 4g: Additional Monitoring & Reviewblank.jpgSection 4: Forms 

Section 5: Flexibly Managed Programmes 

Section 7: Recognition of Prior LearningSection 7: Forms 
Section 8: Centre for Credit Rating

Section 8 is available on request, contact the Quality Team at quality@napier.ac.uk

Section 9: Thematic Quality Audit


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