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​Quality Framework

Section 1: Related Resources

Attention -

Due to the implementation of the new approach to Curriculum Management access to edit/amend module descriptors and programme specifications will be suspended from the end of September 2022.  Amendments can be undertaken using the new system from Jan/February 2023 

For further information please contact your local School Quality teams.  ​

Programme Specification and Module Descriptor Templates

On this page you will find all of the key forms necessary to complete the processes set out in Section 1b and Section 1c of the Quality Framework.


Programme Specification Templates

Template for Undergraduate Programmes

Template for Taught Master's Programmes


Programme Approval Information

Programme Approval Information for External Peers

Programme Approval Information for Student Panel Members

Guidance for Preparing Programme Approval Reports



Online Module Descriptor

To create new modules and propose amendments to existing modules, please use our online module descriptor which you will find through evision. (you will be asked to login and taken to a homepage. Click the module information tab to go to the online descriptor dashboard).


If you are unfamiliar with the evision or would like some support as you familiarise yourself with the online module descriptor format, we have created a moodle course to assist you. It includes step-by-step instructions and video walk-throughs to help you to navigate through the screens. You can self-enrol on the course by following this link to Moodle.


The moodle course is primarily intended to help you with the online descriptor, rather than to help you with module design. In planning your module, you may find the additional guidance below helpful. It sets out the fields that you will be asked to complete in the online module descriptor; the permission levels for changes; and provides some guidance on aspects of module design.


Additional Guidance for Developing Modules​


​For further information on the online module descriptor project and why we have moved online, please see our project webpages.


​ ​​​​​​​