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​Module Touchpoint Surveys - Information for Staff


In conjunction with the range of student feedback mechanisms available, staff can conduct a ‘touchpoint survey’ to gain mid-module feedback. You may already capture feedback from your student’s mid-module and if that is the case, you can choose to continue with your current practice, or to run the touchpoint survey.


The touchpoint survey has been developed as a helpful tool to enhance the practice that currently goes on across the University. However, we are strongly encouraging all staff to seek student feedback in some way through an appropriate mechanism.


Setting up the Survey


Step 1: A short survey for Module Leaders is available to use. The question template is available on Moodle and can be imported into your module.


Step 2: You should run your touchpoint survey during Week 5 or Week 6 of the trimester using Moodle. A short instruction video "Create Touchpoint Survey" has been created which takes you through the process of setting up a touchpoint survey in your Moodle module.


Step 3: Please encourage your students to go to your Moodle module and complete the touchpoint questionnaire.


What should you do with the results?


Step 1: The Module Leader and any colleagues with Teacher access to the Moodle module will be able to see the touchpoint survey results.


Step 2: A short instruction video "Analyse Touchpoint Survey" is available to take you through the process of analysing the results once your survey is closed.


Step 3: The survey results will allow early identification of student concerns and allow you to take appropriate action.

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