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Moodle Minimum Standards

Moodle Minimum Standards homepage1. Short top section2. Content section titles3. Organising resources & activities5. Remove unused blocks6. View on small screens 

Watch the video on Editing the Top Section. No audio. Content described in text below. 1. Short top section


This top section of Moodle has two main purposes. Firstly it is the students’ introduction to the module and as such it should support module orientation, secondly it is a space to provide ongoing essential information.

Watch the video on Adding a Separate Page. No audio.


As the section does not usually change a great deal it needs to be kept short and hold essential information, this reduces the need for scrolling and homepage loading times. To support this aim, we recommend you place detailed welcome information and videos that students may only view once at the beginning of the module that open in separate pages. The section should show at all times:


  • Module code and title
  • Quick overview of the module aims
  • Statement of intent for use of Moodle
  • Module leader contact details
  • Key module dates and timetable

    An image of a completed Top Section of a module Moodle site, with the main information as described above.

    "I like when all the contact details etc are on the front page and you don't have to search for them, along with a brief overview of the module"


    "I'd be happy with the module name number and leaders contact information, dont want it too cluttered"


    To add a separate page, navigate to the bottom of the section you wish to add a page to and click "Add an activity or resource". Scroll down to the resources section of the box which appears, select "Page" and click "Add". You will be taken to a view whe​re you can edit the name, description (for users looking at the link but not the page itself) and the content of the page. You can check a checkbox to indicate whether the description should appear on the course page. When you are done editing, click "Save and return to course."