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Moodle Minimum Standards

Moodle Minimum Standards homepage1. Short top section2. Content section titles3. Assessment & feedback section4. Organising resources & activities5. Remove unused blocks6. View on small screens 

Watch the video on Renaming Section Titles. No audio. Instructions described below.2. Content section titles


Students need to be able to clearly navigate your module (as well as other uses, such as external examiners and other module teachers). Naming your sections appropriately and logically supports navigation. Your module naming protocol may be subject depended, however it should
be consistent.

  • Use week numbers or unit titles
  • Add descriptions to aid orientation

To rename ​a section in Moodle, expand the section and click the cog icon. Uncheck the "Use default section name" checkbox and enter your section name in the Section Name text box. You can add a section summary in the larger text box below, if this is relevant. Click "Save Changes."

An image of clearly named sections of Moodle.

"I like the modules that are structured in sections with different headings. Having content sorted and divided into categories makes learning a lot easier and saves searching through content."


"Sometimes things are not where you think they will be. Tucked away in a folder somewhere obscure, filed under a name that only makes sense to the lecturer!"