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Moodle Minimum Standards

Home1. Short Top Section2. Content Section Titles.3. Assessment & Feedback Section4. Organising resources & Activities5. Remove unused blocks.6. View on small screens.

Watch the video on Overview of standards. No spoken audio. Content is in written sections above.The Moodle minimum standards guidelines have been development in collaboration with Edinburgh Napier University academics and students. They are designed to guide you in creating a Moodle environment that is well considered, consistent and accessible to all students, and in so doing it provides you with the support to better manage your Moodle modules. 


Throughout development, the minimum standards have considered the 3E Framework which is a guide to support you make meaningful decisions about the use of technology for learning, teaching and assessment. Your Moodle modules are Enhanced through the implementation of the minimum standards as they promote the use of a clear structure that is logically sequenced and clearly navigable.


The Standards are:

1. Keep the top section succinct

2. Name content sections appropriately

3. Include an Assessment & Feedback section

4. Name resources and activities appropriately

5. Remove unused blocks and sections

6. View your course on small screens


Set out, on these pages, is a worked example of a Moodle module illustrating how the minimum presence could appear, beginning with the top section. Disciplines will interpret and incorporate the minimum standards differently, however at their core, the minimum standards are about a set of pedagogic principles that can be applied across all disciplines.


"Most of the modules are fine, but some of them are rather confusing as it can be very difficult to find module materials at times."*


Contact your campus Learning Technologist for support with implementing the minimum standards and for general guidance on technology enhanced learning.

*The student quotes used throughout this site are from a recent survey in the School of Health & Social care but can be considered representative of student feedback across the institution. 



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