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Erasmus (Staff Mobility)


The Erasmus exchange programme allows for the mobility of academic members of staff and administrative staff to spend a short period of time at one of the University's Erasmus partner universities either teaching, work shadowing or attending an Erasmus staff training week.  As with student mobility, the University is given funding from the British Council to allow staff to participate and the Global Mobility team manage this budget to ensure that as many staff as possible can benefit from this programme.


Demand is always greater than the number of places allocated so staff are encouraged to contact the Global Mobility Team as early as possible to ensure the best chance of being allocated funding.


​​A current list of European partner institutions is available here​


The Global Mobility team have to ensure that the University complies with European Commission guidelines by insisting that all the relevant forms pertaining to staff exchanges are completed.  Participating staff are therefore required to read the relevant pack and complete the necessary forms prior to, during and after the Erasmus staff exchange.

Unlike student mobility, staff mobility does not have to be reciprocated however, in some cases it will be.  It is the responsibility of the academic school to host and accommodate a visiting Erasmus staff member to ensure they have a productive stay at Edinburgh Napier University.
Contact the team for information on:

•  Participating in the Erasmus staff exchange programme
•  Establishing a new Erasmus staff bilateral agreement with a European partner institution
•  Hosting a visiting staff member
To find out more about Erasmus mobility and to apply for funding, please contact the Global Mobility team