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Booking a Room


IMPORTANT UPDATE: The University implemented a new advance booking system called Resource Booker.  Staff and students should book a room, lab, PV or other equipment by using the following link: https://resourcebooker.napier.ac.uk/​​​


Staff have access to the majority of ENU meeting rooms.  When meeting rooms aren't available classrooms will be offered, as an alternative.

Staff should note that the Room Booking System is only to be used for adhoc meetings.  It is not to be used as a supplement to academic planning and timetabling (these types of requests should go through registry or your course timetabler). 


Advance Bookings

When it comes to booking rooms in advance, there is a difference between booking a meeting room or a classroom.

  • Meeting Rooms are not tied into teaching Trimesters, therefore, these can be booked in advance.
  • Classrooms, lecture theatres and PC Labs are primarily used for teaching, availability is released in four month blocks covering the three Trimesters over the academic year (future bookings have a set cut-off point based on the current Trimester being worked from).



Any bookings for classrooms that extend beyond the cut off date at the time of submission are kept on file and when the appropriate Trimester is released, the back log is processed in a first come, first served basis.


Rough Trimester Guideline 

Trimester 1: September - begin January

Trimester 2: January - begin May

Trimester 3: May - begin September


Trimesters are generally released for central bookings six weeks before their start date but this can vary.



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