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The Accommodation Team


Student Accommodation staff office 

Sighthill Campus, Room 6.B.18, Sighthill Court, Edinburgh, EH11 4BN


Bainfield Accommodation reception office 

Bainfield Accommodation, 6 Bainfield Drive, Edinburgh, EH11 1AR

Slateford Road Accommodation reception office

1E Slateford Road, Edinburgh, EH11 1FE


Getting in touch


Student Accommodation general enquiries (incl. short term accommodation or private rented sector):     
Email: accommodation@napier.ac.uk
Tel: 0131 455 3713

Fax: 0131 455 3739


Vacation Letting enquiries:
E mail: vacation.lets@napier.ac.uk
Telephone: 0131 455 3738 



Student Accommodation Staff 

Alex Ratcliffe, Head of Student Accommodation

Email: a.ratcliffe@napier.ac.uk or ext: 3710 


Susan Burgess, Senior Accommodation Officer (and ResLife Enquiries)

Email: s.burgess@napier.ac.uk or ext: 3712


Brydon Connolly, Senior Accommodation Officer

email: b.connolly@napier.ac.uk or ext: 3497


Jamie Laing, Accommodation Officer

Email: j.laing3@napier.ac.uk or ext: 3215

Dani Calder, Accommodation Officer

Email: d.calder@napier.ac.uk or ext 3485

Lee Mangan, Department Administrator

Email: l.mangan@napier.ac.uk or ext: 3713​

Mel Baxter, Student Accommodation Assistant

Email: m.baxter@napier.ac.uk​ or ext 3379

Petra Pusztai, Student Accommodation Assistant

Email: p.pusztai@napier.ac.uk or ext 3483