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Environmental Management System


Throughout these pages you will see us refer to our Environmental Management System (EMS). We're developing this EMS to systematically assess, plan and measure all environmental aspects and potential impacts at the University.


The EMS ensures that robust governance and management procedures are in place, including legislative compliance so to be assured that we reduce our potential environmental impact wherever possible. Our EMS encapsulates 43​ significant environmental aspects​, essentially areas of measured impact associated with the University. 


To develop our EMS we're utilising the support of EcoCampus to help break down all necessary tasks into manageable chunks. We currently have Silver EcoCampus accreditation. As well as looking ahead, we are also using our EMS to pull together all historic, current and planned environmental priorities and programmes to ensure we embed a holistic approach and reduce the potential for environmental risk and impact.

For further information, please refer to our Environmental Sustainability Plan and Environmental Sustain​ability Policy​, which forms the backbone of our EMS commitment.

There are a multitude of other documents, plans, policies and standard operating procedures associated with our EMS development. More a more detailed overview of our work, please visit our Useful Links​ page.