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​Funding and Finance

The Environmental Sustainability Team work closely with the Edinburgh Napier Finance Team to ensure appropriate and effective use of funding available, in line with all University wide policies and procedures. We will help any member of the University community investigate, cost and if feasible develop any project(s) that will reduce environmental impact.




We use Salix​ to support energy reduction initiatives. The fund consists of £125,000 from both the Scottish and UK Governments and £62,500 from the University itself (£312,500 total). 

The rotating Salix fund has been used for a range of projects throughout all campuses. Salix funding is often used alongside capital funding available.


Internal Funding


The University makes capital and revenue funding available to support the embedment and development of environmental sustainability at Edinburgh Napier. Financial commitment also includes employing the Environmental Sustainability Team itself.


10% of parking income, from the sale of staff and student parking permits, is allocated to the Environmental Sustainability Team to spend on measures supporting active travel measures. This equates to roughly £7,000 annually. The money can support match funding opportunities provided through external organisations.

Disposable cup charge

We charge 25p for disposable cups, with the proceeds going towards sustainable projects. 


External Funding


The University has successfully gained funding from a range of external organisations to support a variety of projects. Over the past six years the University has gained almost £160,000 from organisations such as The City of Edinburgh Council, Cycling Scotland, SEStran and Sustrans. Projects include eCycle, which was developed with the generous support of SEStran.