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We spend around £1.6m on energy and utilities annually at Edinburgh Napier.  Use of electricity and gas covers four of our 43 key significant environmental aspects, each with broad reaching impact.  Our Carbon Management Plan, first launched in 2009 and updated includes a detailed list of actions and projects to reduce carbon emitted from the University.  During the 2006/07 academic financial year (the baseline of our Plan), energy accounted for 87% of all carbon emissions emitted from the University. 


Between 2006/07 and 2017/18 we have reduced electricity consumption by 19%,  gas by 57% and water by 57%.  Both fantastic achievements but we are aiming to achieve further reductions.  The support of all staff, students and visitors is vital to enable us to reduce further.  Simple steps such as switching off unnecessary lights or equipment can really make a collective and impressive difference.




A sample of the projects that were completed in 2017/18 and are ongoing through this year are detailed here:-


Riady Lecture Theatre - Craiglockhart Campus 2017


The fluorescent light fittings in this 400 seat lecture have been upgraded to LED fittings and the outdated control system replace with a flexible and highly configurable wireless lighting control system.  The position of light switches have been improved and absence detection introduced.  Due to the sloping nature of the lecture theatre, which results in a very high ceiling, access to the lighting is difficult and requires special scaffolding.  Upgrading to LED lighting with an anticipated life span of a minimum of eight 8 years removes the need to replace light bulbs every 2 years resulting in significant cost savings and reduced inconvenience for uses.


Annual savings - 8 tonnes of CO2e, 17,000 kWh of electricity, £9,600

75% energy reduction.  Payback 3.4 years (including reduced maintenance costs)


Jack Kilby Computer Centre - Merchiston Campus 2018


The JKCC provides computers and study space for 400 students and is available 24-7 for the majority of the academic year.  The lighting control system needed to be replaced.  As part of the upgrade, we took the opportunity to replace the bespoke lighting with LED lighting, in addition, access to a number of areas in the centre was difficult due to the high ceilings and the near constant use.   A flexible and highly configurable wireless lighting control system was installed.  The extended life span of the LED lighting will lead to a reduction in maintenance requirements.


Annual savings - 63 tones of CO2e, 139,000 kWh of electricity, £21,000

60% energy reduction.  Payback 4 years (including reduced maintenance costs)


Learning Resource Centre - Sighthill Campus 2018


The LRC at Sighthill Campus covers 5 floors, which includes a cafe, 300 computers, study spaces and a library collection.  More than 600 light fittings in this space are to be retrofit with LED boards.  This approach significantly reduces waste and resource use and will not change the aesthetics of the area.  The project is funded from the Scottish Funding Council interest free loan from their University Carbon Reduction fund.


Annual savings - 32 tonnes of CO2e, 83,500 kWh of electricity, £13,600

65% energy reduction.  Payback 5 years (excluding reduced maintenance costs)


Office and Classrooms - Merchiston Campus 2018 


Merchiston Campus dates back to the 1960s.  Over 80 rooms have been identified with inefficient T8 light fittings.  These fittings will be replaced with LED fittings and the controls upgraded to absence detection reducing consumption by an estimated 75%.  The project is funded from the Scottish Funding Council interest free loan from their University Carbon Reduction fund.


Annual savings - 42 tonnes of CO2e, 110,500 kWh of electricity, £18,000

75% energy reduction.  Packback 3.9 years (excluding reduced maintenance costs)