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We spend around £1.3m on energy and utilities annually at Edinburgh Napier and a further £96,000 on the carbon reduction commitment energy efficiency scheme.  Use of electricity and gas covers four of our 43 key significant environmental aspects, each with broad reaching impact.  Our Carbon Management Plan , first launched in 2009 and updated includes a detailed list of actions and projects to reduce carbon emitted from the University.  During the 2006/07 academic financial year (the baseline of our Plan), energy accounted for 87% of all carbon emissions emitted from the University. 


Between 2006/07 and 2014/15 we have reduced electricity consumption by 25% and gas by 51%.  Both fantastic achievements but we are aiming to achieve further reductions.  The support of all staff, students and visitors is vital to enable us to reduce further.  Simple steps such as switching off unnecessary lights or equipment can really make a collective and impressive difference.


Projects and initiatives that are currently underway to improve the energy efficiency of our campuses include:

  •   Improved monitoring
  •   Improved control of heating and ventilation by enhancing the building management systems
  •   Upgrading to LED lighting and enhancing lighting controls
  •   Installation of additional automated doors to reduce drafts and air changes
  •   Installation of refrigeration controls