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Management Programmes


We use a range of plans, strategies and programmes at Edinburgh Napier, such as our Carbon Management Plan and Environmental Management System, to manage the development of our environmental and wider social corporate responsibility work.  Our targets are stated in our Environmental Sustainability Policy and are expanded and detailed within our Environmental Sustainability Plan 2016/17 - 2018/19


We're currently developing an Environmental Sustainability Strategy.  The Strategy will pull together all aspects of environmental sustainability at Edinburgh Napier into one clear and concise document.  The Strategy will expand on the work and targets embedded within the Environmental Sustainability Plan 2016/17 - 2018/19Strategy 2020, the Estates Strategy and will provide a reviewed and renewed focus.  All members of the University community are encouraged to contribute to the Strategy development.  Contact Jamie Pearson for more information.


Environmental sustainability is integrated into a number of policies and strategies at Edinburgh Napier, including:


Strategy 2020.  The Strategy underpins key commitments and provides overall direction for the University.  Environmental sustainability is one of seven principles which inform the culture of the University and Strategy 2020: "we will be environmentally and financially sustainable and resilient".


Academic Strategy.  In addition to Strategy 2020 the "academic strategy, together with our other thematic strategies and operational plans, further articulates our aims and the actions we will take to achieve them" (page 3).  The document states that through taught undergraduate and postgraduate provision the University will develop "a curriculum that develops enterprise and employment skills within an international context, that encourages interdisciplinary learning and that fosters ethical understanding and environmental awareness" (page 5).


Estates Strategy 2015 - 2025.  "Responsible: Our estate will reflect our corporate social responsibility aspirations and we shall maintain our position as one of the 'greenest' universities in the UK".


Values and Behaviours.  "We will be recognised as a University which is professional, ambitious, innovative and inclusive" (page 1).  Within the professional framework the document states that staff will "use resources in ways that are efficient and minimise any impact on the environment" (page 3).