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​Student Accommodation Waste


Pass it on Week: March 2017


We have an exciting event at our Bainfield Accommodation site on Thursday 16th March.  Take your reusable items to Bainfield Bar by 5pm.  Between 5pm and 6pm enjoy some free pizza, wine and soft drinks while mingling and taking part (if you want!) in some small reuse activities with other participants including Changeworks and SHRUB.  Then from 6pm to 9pm swap and head home with some new items!  Please do not hesitate to contact Student Accomodation Office or call 0131 455 3713 for more information.  Look forward to seeing you at Bainfield!


Pass it on Week is Scotland's annual reuse week.  There are a number of activities throughout Scotland, in addition to the event above, with more information on the Pass it on Week website.


Waste Facilities: Accommodation Sites


There are food, glass, packaging, paper and landfill bins at all Edinburgh Napier accommodation sites.  At Orwell Terrace and Slateford Road there are no packaging and paper bins, but a mixed recycling bin instead.  Visit The City of Edinburgh Council website for a full list of all materials that can be placed in each bin.  Please dispose of your waste appropriately and do not leave any bags on the floor or pavement outside the bins at each site.  To help you segregate and recycle your waste, all flats have internal recycling bins.  Follow the signage on each bin to recycle as much of your waste as possible.


For all reusable items throughout the academic year visit the Edinburgh Charity Shop Map.  The links below show the charity shops closest to the accommodation sites below:



Range of charity shops 600m away.


Orwell Terrace

Range of charity shops 2-300m away.


Slateford Road

Charity shop 469m away on Gorgie Road.