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The fees table information is intended for internal use by University Staff only who are advised:

  • The document(s) is not to be distributed to external parties.
  • Until fees for Scottish students have been confirmed by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC), usually in March each year, the fees for forthcoming academic years should be taken as a guide only and used in conjunction with the disclaimer below*.
  • Fee status for students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland:
    • RUK15 commenced their studies at Edinburgh Napier University in 2015/6, 2016/7 or 2017/8
    • RUK18 commencing their studies at Edinburgh Napier University in 2018/9
    • RUK19 commencing their studies at Edinburgh Napier University in 2019/0

    University decisions applying to RUK students:

    • Defer entry - Fees apply when a student steps foot on campus to study. E.g. if a student defers in 2020/21 to 2021/22 then the 2021/22 fee applies;
    • Suspend studies - Fees apply when a student steps foot on campus to study. If they suspend studies for up to one year then they will retain fee rate from the year they started. If they suspend for more than one year the fee when they return will be whatever the current RUK fee is for the year of their return;
    • Enter on Advanced Standing - Fees apply when a student sets foot on campus to study. E.g. A student comes to the university for first time in 2021/22​ on to year 2 then they pay the 2021/22 fee. (Subject to the Deferred Entry, Suspended Studies points above)
    • Study on a modular-billed structure - Like other Modular billed students RUK students will pay the RUK module fee that applies for the academic year they matriculate for a module. IE: They will not retain a fee rate.

 Fee information may change at any-time and you should NOT rely on print-outs but refer to this site as/when required.

Alumni 20% Discount

We offer a 20% discount in taught postgraduate tuition fees for alumni who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from Edinburgh Napier University (or any of its antecedent institutions) who enrol for either a full-time or part-time taught postgraduate degree course.

The discount only applies to the tuition fee amount paid by the student personally. It is subject to various conditions and you should refer to full policy details here.


Link to Fee Tables

Information for both Standard and Non-Standard fees Contains information for both Standard and Non-Standard fees for 2021/22 and 2022/23

 *Fees contained are correct at the time of publication but the University Court reserves the right to make changes in fees at any time, and without notice, before or after a student’s admission to the University.


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