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​Customer Service Excellence in Governance & Compliance

The department successfully achieved the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard in October 2014successfully achieved the Customer Service Excellence (CSE) standard in October 2014, and continues to meet the standard as part of the University Secretary's Group professional services grouping.


Within Governance and Compliance, the underlying principles of Customer Service Excellence and continuous improvement are embedded in all of the work that we do.  Achievement of the standard provides formal recognition, a badge of quality and validation of the customer-focussed work that the team undertakes on a day to day basis.


At the heart of the standard is the intent to continually improve, develop and enhance areas that have been identified as having the potential for greater progression.


Benefits to our Customers 

  • CSE is a driver for continuous improvement which assists further development of the service, rather than meeting the standard and not progressing any further;
  • It demonstrates our commitment and professionalism in the way we provide our services and puts the customer at the heart of everything we do;
  • It facilitates two way communication, ensuring that we are responding to queries and highlights that we are listening to feedback.


Benefits to Governance and Compliance Team Members

  • CSE provides improved understanding of customer issues, by developing customer insight and enabling us to look more closely at ways to improve our service
  • It is a skills development tool which enables the development and enhancement of team performance and engagement;
  • It enables us to explore and acquire new skills in the area of customer focus and so building on the capacity for delivering improved services.


We need your feedback!

We need to know what we do well, what we perhaps don't do so well and any areas which we might improve on.  The feedback you provide will ensure that we are consistently exceeding customers expectations and that we are providing the right service, first time to help all our customers achieve their goals.


Should you wish to provide any feedback on the service we provide, please contact Gillian Phillips in the first instance.