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Academic Appeals


Welcome to the staff information page on Academic Appeals at Edinburgh Napier.


For full details on the Academic Appeals Regulations and associated procedures, please consult the document linked below: 

 Academic Appeals - Regulations


Directing students for advice

Information for students including definitions, deadlines, information, sources of support, FAQs and how to submit an appeal can be found in the  Appeals section of myNapier.


Important dates and deadlines associated with Academic Appeals





​Date Programme Board of Examiners Results Published

​Appeals Deadline Date (All 2pm)

Indication of expected latest date when appeal outcomes will be known to appellants
​​​1 06/02​/23 13/02/23​ 10/03/23
​2 27/06/23 04/07/23 28/07/23
​Reassessment 28/08/23 04/09/23 29/09/23
3 06/10/23 13/10/23 10/11/23
All dates are subject to change. Please check this page regularly for notice of any changes.

Please ask students to email all submissions toappeals@napier.ac.uk.


Please note the above dates refer to programmes taught at our Edinburgh campuses. For students studying a programme taught at one of our overseas partners’ campuses, an online or distance learning programme alternative dates may apply. Students falling into one of these categories, should be advised to check with the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Manager, their programme administrator, programme leader or personal development tutor for clarification on the dates applicable to them.


Please also note that AP1 forms received after the published deadline will not be accepted and will be deemed invalid.


Questions with regard to Academic Appeals?

Please refer to the regulations and process documents linked at the top of this page or contact the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Manager directly at appeals@napier.ac.uk or on 0131 455 2396.


Page last updated 21 November 2022