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​​​​​​First Aid


In the event of any illness or injury on campus, contact a trained First Aider via the Security Control Room (0131 455 4444 or internal ext 4444), the Campus Reception​ or the SafeZone app​

The University recognises that people at work can suffer injuries or be taken ill. Regardless of whether the injury or illness is caused by the work they do or not, it is important to be able to provide immediate attention and call an ambulance in serious cases. First aid at work covers the arrangements in place to ensure this happens. It can save lives and prevent minor injuries becoming major ones.

In the event of any illness or injury on campus, contact a trained First Aider via the Control Room (Extension 4444 or 0131 455 4444​​), the Campus Reception​ or the SafeZone app​. Please provide the following information:-

- Location of injured or ill person (campus, school/service and room number)

- Details of injury or illness (e.g. faint, chest pain, broken bone)

- Extension number from which the call is being made and name of caller

Person making request must remain with the patient or make arrangements for someone else to do so until assistance arrives.

There are notices ​displayed throughout the university advising of this procedure 

First aid rooms​

The University has a First Aid room at each of the main campuses.  These are located as follows:

Craiglockhart            1/44
Merchiston               B04 (opposite room B2 by double doors to library)
Sighthill                   1.B.32



First aiders

The number of designated First Aiders are determined based on the Health and Safety requirements within work areas and are agreed by the Dean of School/Director or Head of Service.  Based on these numbers we have a number of employees who​​ undertake First Aid Training, and hold current accreditation to be able to provide First Aid attention in the event of an incident at the University.    ​Guidance for Uni​versity First Aiders



AEDs are provided by the University at the following campuses:

Merchiston Campus: main entrance foyer - adjacent to disabled toilet​​

Sighthill Campus: main entrance area next to lifts

Craiglockhart Campus: left of reception desk 

In addition to the above locations, AEDs are also located in a number of other areas throughout the University. 

  • [EN]GAGE, Sports Centre, Sighthill Campus - located behind reception desk
  • School of Applied Sciences, Sports Centre, Sighthill Campus - 0.F.07

  • Bainfield Student Accommodation reception
  • Orwell Terrace Student Accommodation reception
  • Slateford Road Student Accommodation reception
  • Security Services mobile vehicles x 2​

Defibrillator Guidance​

SafeZone app

The SafeZone app allows you to send location-based alerts to campus security whenever you need first aid.

If you, or someone you are with, needs any medical assistance you can use the First Aid button to send an alert to security and share your details and location with them. If needed, you can cancel the request by tapping the button again before the timer ends.

You will then have the option to speak to security over the phone or through the chat function and a first aider will then come to your location to assist. Please call 999 if urgent medical attention is required.​

Download the app:
More information on SafeZone

Further information:​

First Aid incident reporting​


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