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​​​​Safety Co-ordinators


Deans of School/Directors of Service are recommended to appoint a School/Service Safety Co-ordinator from their staff. Appropriate training (IOSH accredited course Managing Safely) is run by the Health & Safety Team to assist the safety co-ordinators to understand and perform their role and functions within their own area. 

List of university Safety Co-ordinators​ ​

Role of the Safety Co-ordinator


The Safety Co-ordinator is concerned with the day-to-day safety organisation within their School or Service. Primary tasks are to advise and assist the Dean of School/Director of Service in the management of all health and safety matters and liaise between the School/Service and the Health and Safety Team. The Safety Co-ordinator will normally be a senior member of the academic or technical staff who has gained a wide experience and a sound understanding of the work carried out in their area. Safety Co-ordinators will require sufficient time to discharge their duties efficiently and should have the expertise necessary and the authority to perform these duties. The Safety Co-ordinator should act as a focus for the flow of health and safety information to, from and within their school or service.


In large Schools/Services the duties may be carried out by a number of employees, nominated by the Dean of School/ Director of Service. The Safety Co-ordinator should monitor that the duties are being carried out satisfactorily.


Duties of the Safety Co-ordinator should include:

  1. Co-ordinate the School/Service risk assessment programme.
  2. Being fully familiar with the University Health and Safety Policy and School/Service Health and Safety Policy.
  3. Acting with the delegated authority of the Dean of School/Director of Service in matters of urgency.
  4. Referring promptly to the Dean of School/Director of Service or the University's Health and Safety Team any health and safety problems which cannot be resolved locally on a time scale commensurate with the risk.
  5. Liaising with the University's Health and Safety Team for health and safety matters.
  6. Attending meetings of the School/Service health and safety committee.
  7. Conducting or co-ordinating systematic health and safety inspections with Safety Representatives, to identify unsafe or unhealthy conditions or work practices, and monitoring that recommended control methods are implemented.
  8. Ensuring that accidents, near misses and instances of occupational ill health are reported to the Health and Safety Team and Occupational Health Service.
  9. Disseminating health and safety information and reports to appropriate members of School/Service staff and students.
  10.  Ensuring that new staff members and students of the School/Service receive adequate induction with respect to health and safety matters.
  11.  Identify members of the School/Service for appropriate:
    -  health and safety training events
    -  occupational health medical surveillance
    -  liaison with other internal or external health and safety specialists.
  12.  General health and safety monitoring in the School/Service to ensure that standards are met.
  13.  Reviewing periodically health and safety procedures within the School/​Service.


Safety Co-ordinators Forums


The Health & Safety Team organise Safety Co-ordinators Forums. 

This is an opportunity for Safety Co-ordinators to discuss their role and experiences and whether they feel they require additional assistance/training for this role. It also gives them an opportunity to meet Safety Co-ordinators from other areas of the University.

Safety Co-ordinators will be contacted directly by the Health & Safety Office with dates of scheduled forums.