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Our current advertising strategy is web based advertising only.  All vacancies will normally be advertised both internally and externally to ensure open competition. Roles will usually be advertised for a 2 week period.


Vacancies will be placed on the following websites by Human Resources and Development, at no cost to the department:


Edinburgh Napier University Internet job vacancy site - The University's external vacancies site


Edinburgh Napier University Intranet job vacancy site - The University's internal vacancies site.


Twitter / LinkedIn - The University's Social Media sites.


Jobs.ac.uk - Specialist jobsite for careers in academic, research, science and related professions.


Job Centre Plus - All roles  will be placed with the Job Centre Plus (in-line with the new points based immigration system).


S1jobs - Most popular job site in Scotland - all support roles will be placed on S1job here.


Any additional adverts placed out with the above sites are funded by the recruiting area.  


Advert Writing

Guidance on Writing an Advert

Guidance on Writing an Academic Advert

Sample Advert 

Sample Academic Advert

Advert Template

Academic Advert Template


Eligibility to Apply for Internal Vacancies 

Temporary Agency Workers have rights from day one to apply for internal University vacancies.  It is essential that if the Temporary Agency Worker does not have access to the University's internal vacancies, their host Line Manager makes them aware of internal vacancies on a regular basis, throughout their engagement with the University.  Please view the University's Temporary Agency Work Policy and Procedure and Line Manager Checklist.


Casual workers who have received a payment for work undertaken within the last three months are also eligible to apply for internal University vacancies.  


Exceptional Circumstances 

Exceptionally you may not be required to advertise a role externally or at all - the scenarios and reasons are outlined in the the following

Advertising - Exceptional Circumstances


Preferred Supplier / Temporary Agency Staff


Temporary agency workers should only be used in exceptional circumstances to cover short-term temporary assignments, for instance:  temporary cover due to sickness absence, holidays, during seasonal peaks or to assist with short-term specialist projects.   Temporary agency work assignments should not normally exceed 12 weeks. 

Prior to booking an agency member of staff, you should read and consider the Temporary Agency Worker Policy and Procedure.

The varuious contact details are details in the following: Contacts  

Please find below links to the buyers guide for Temporary and Interim Staff.


Buyers Guide - Interim Professional and Interim IT

Buyers Guide - Admin, Catering and Manual