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Getting your vacancy approved


Once you have identified a staffing requirement please follow the steps below*:


Step 1 – Ensure you have your manager's approval 


Step 2 – Contact your HR Partner


Discuss and agree with your HR Partner what category your request will sit in:

• Permanent, and fixed term regardless of source of funding (new or replacement role)
• Backfill (maternity leave / long term sickness)
• Secondments
• Extension to fixed term contract
• Increase in hours
• New or extension of payment of acting up allowances / responsibility allowances
• Casual engagement

Please also consider:
• Why is the resource required?
• What is the impact to the University if this is not filled? Why is this resource essential?
• What are the budget implications of recruiting to the role on the current year and future years?
• How does the role fit with the department and wider University strategy?
• What are the timeframe for having someone in position?
• Is the role externally funded?
• What alternatives have been considered?
• Any other financial and people implications of recruiting this role?

For Change to an Existing Contract, please ensure you consider and capture the following information:
• new working hours
• updated work pattern
• length of contract
• start and end date of new contract
• reason for extension
• justification for acting up allowance/responsibilities

When hiring you need to ensure that the contract type is most appropriate. For further information please see examples below:



Step 3 – Contact your Finance Business Partner

Discuss and agree with your Finance Business Partner:
• The budget implications of recruiting to the role on the current year and future years
• How does the role fit in with the department and wider university strategy
• What alternatives have been considered
• Folder code to be used
• Is the role externally funded
• What is the business case to justify the requirement for the role
• Any other financial implications of recruiting this role

Step 4 – You are now ready to complete a SAF:


* Please note SAF's raised prior to 31 January 2019 will remain displayed in your 'Load Save Requests'  but will not be editable, nor will you be able to resubmit them.  You will be able to edit and re-submit any new SAF's raised from February 2019 onwards.  


** Please note that when you first login to the new SAF there is a historic browser chace. Please press Ctrl and F5 and this will then update your view.