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​​Recruitment process changes effective April 2017


Our aim is to attract the best talent into the University to support the delivery of our Strategy 2020, create consistency in our candidate communication’s and recruitment and onboarding processes.

At the heart of Edinburgh Napier University is our values, the Talent & Recruitment team will also aim to work with you to continue to recruit employees that align to our Values of being Professional, Innovative, Ambitious and Inclusive.

What's Changing?


We have worked with School Support Service to transition all activities relating to the recruitment of permanent and fixed term vacancies to our new specialised Talent & Recruitment team within HR. I am pleased to inform you that effective 7th April all new vacancies will now be supported by this team.  This will enable the Talent and Recruitment team to now:

  • Launch the newly designed recruitment website, system and process which will improve our candidate journey internally and externally
  • Lead on innovative ways to attract talent to the University, such as talent spotting, direct sourcing, LinkedIn networks and use of other advertising platforms including professional membership etc
  • Create talent banks of candidates for future vacancies
  • Build a well-known and respected Edinburgh Napier University image in the candidate market place by embedding our new  “Beyond” employer branding throughout all candidate touchpoints of the recruitment process
  • Save managers time throughout the recruitment process on administration

In the three week transition period from the old VMS system to the new website and system, we require to run two processes simultaneously. These webpages will be fully updated once the transition has been completed.

In the interim, for any general queries or questions regarding recruitment, please contact recruitment@napier.ac.uk 


Supporting Documents


What do I do if:


I have a live vacancy on the Vacancy Management System before April 7th?


All vacancies that are currently live before April 7th will continue to be administered on our current Vacancy Management System (VMS). You as the recruitment manager/contact will be responsible for administering your vacancy through to completion.


I have a new vacany to be advertised and go live from April 7th onwards?


All SAF's approved for permanent and fixed term vacancies will now be managed by your Talent & Recruitment Consultant via HR Connect. They will contact you once your SAF has been approved to meet with you and discuss your vacancy. Your Talent & Recruitment Consultant will write your advert for you.  


I want to apply for an internal Vacancy?


Internal vacancies are now accessible via HR Connect Self Service.  To view open vacancies(please ensure you use Internext explorer):

1. Please login to "HR connect self service page" via the quick links on the intranet.

2. Click on the “Current Vacancies” tab on the right hand side of the quick links.

3. This should take you to a new job search page. Scroll down the page and click the grey "Search" button.

4. Once your search is complete. Click on the “job title(in blue)” for example "Lecturer in Accounting" to access that position and click the grey “Apply online” button.

5. Read all the instructions and then complete the online application form.

6. Ensure your personal information is correct and up to date such as address, mobile number etc.



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