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Stage 3 - Shortlisting 

Once your advertisement has closed, your Talent & Recruitment Consultant will provide you with a longlist of candidates whose skills match the job specification, along with their application forms & CVs you will receive a shortlisting feedback document. 

You will be responsible for completing the shortlisting feedback for all applicants. The shortlisting feedback sheet requires you to complete the name of the candidate, whether you would like to “progress”, “reject” or “put on hold” the candidate and one justification as to why you have come to your decision. 

Shortlisting must be conducted with at least 2 people to ensure a fair approach has been given. 

Please be aware that we will not as standard provide candidate with detailed feedback at the application stage. 

Once shortlisting has been completed send a copy of the shortlisting feedback to your Talent & Recruitment Consultant who will refer to this to organise your interviews and reject unsuccessful candidates.