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Stage 4 - Interviews 

Your Talent & Recruitment Consultant will arrange all interviews, including securing times in the diaries of each panel member including external panel members, booking rooms, booking catering and coordinating with candidates.

Preparing for the Interview 

Prior to interviews you should draft all interview questions and send these onto your Talent & Recruitment Consultant for review.

You will receive an email attaching the interview pack to help assistant you on the day which will include the following:

  • Interview Timetable – details of the interview logistics, information of candidates name, time of meeting and the final decision given
  • Interview Assessment Form – each panel member is responsible for completing their own form for each candidate
  • Chairperson’s Scoring Sheet – this should be filled out by the chairperson who should correlate all the comments from each interview assessment form and fill in final feedback sheet for each candidate
  • Candidates application form & CV 
  • The job description

Please note that it will be your responsibility to print this pack for all panel members. 

After the Interview

After your interview you should arrange a follow-up meeting or call with your Talent & Recruitment Consultant to discuss the following information:

  • Names of the appointable candidate/s 
  • Salary you wish to offer
  • If applicable, the amount you wish to offer for relocation 
  • Potential start date for the appointable candidate 
  • Names of candidates who are to be rejected along with feedback 
  • Provide them with the chairperson record sheets (if you do not meet with them you must send this in the internal post as soon as possible) 

Following on from this discussion your Talent and Recruitment Consultant will reject all candidates and offer the appointable candidate. If you find you have no appointable candidates after interview please discuss next steps with your Talent & Recruitment Consultant.