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Stage 5  - Offer 

Your Talent & Recruitment Consultant will offer the appointable candidate in order to keep communication fair, consistent and unbiased throughout the process. Once your appointable candidate has verbally accepted you will need to provide your Talent & Recruitment Consultant with a filled out Appointment Form.​

New appointments will normally be made at the minimum point within the grade. However, the University acknowledges that there may be justifiable reasons to appoint above the bottom of the salary scale. If you believe this is the case for your appointment you must provide a written justification which is relative to the individuals experience and internal/external benchmarking. This must be sent to your Talent & Recruitment Consultant and must be approved by a Head of HR and your Dean/Director prior to discussing the salary offer with the candidate. 

Prior to issuing the candidate with an offer letter and contract your Talent & Recruitment Consultant will administer all pre-employment checks necessary.