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Associate Staff




There is a requirement that the University ensures a clear and robust process exists to enable workers to have access to University Staff resources.  This process aligns to the strategic objective of achieving the highest organisational standards. It also allows more accurate management information to be produced through HR Connect.

This process applies to the Associate Staff category of workers which includes any individual not directly paid through payroll, working as a member or on behalf of the University.


Any individual not due to be directly paid through Payroll, working as a member or on behalf of the University and requires access to University Staff resources will be provided with a Staff ID number and an Associate Staff card (if requested).

• Line Managers will complete an Associate Staff Notification Form to request access to staff resources. The completed form should be sent to the HR Mailbox, humanresources@napier.ac.uk.  This form must be fully completed and sent into Human Resources at least 2 weeks before an individual's start date otherwise access on their start date cannot be guaranteed.

• Notifications will be issued to Information Services by Human Resources identifying the need for resource requirements.

• Line Managers will be required to provide effective end dates on the Associate Staff Notification Form, to enable access to be restricted when the individual ends their time at the University. If no end date is provided, a default end date of 31 July each year will be inputted by HR to ensure that the requirement for access is reviewed.  Ninety days before this date the line manager will receive a notification of the forthcoming end date and will either make a leaver or advise a revised end date.


• The Staff resources an Associate Staff member will receive will vary depending on the category,  please review the Associate Staff Notification Form for more information.


• A cost centre must be supplied to enable printing, photocopying and telephony costs to be charged.


• All associated staff will be required to read and comply with the Health and Safety requirements http://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/hr/healthandsafety/booklets/Pages/Contractors.aspx 


• This process ensures the University is able to report on the current Associate Staff headcount.

• When an Associate Staff member leaves, the University Line Manager should complete a Leavers Form and send this to the HR Mailbox, humanresources@napier.ac.uk. to ensure that the Associate is removed from the HR System and their access to resources stopped. The Associate Staff card should be returned to the Line Manager and securely destroyed.



Useful Documentation

Associate Staff Notification Form​​