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Working at the University


All new casual workers must have a SAF and will be required to complete a Casual Appointment Form​​​​​​.​ The Appointment Form must be completed in advance of any work being undertaken by the casual worker. Additionally, all the necessary document checks must be completed, to ensure that the worker has the right to work in the UK and to verify their personal details.


The Appointment Form should be completed by the casual worker and their Host Line Manager, who is the University contact who co-ordinates casual workers in the relevant area or the person who the casual worker reports directly to when undertaking work for the University.


In the case of external examiners, please contact the Academic Quality department who will be able to assist you with this process.


Appointment forms and Right to Work in the UK ID should be returned to the HR Services team once completed.


The casual worker will then be added onto HR Connect and Terms of Engagement will be sent to the casual worker by email.   If the Host Line Manager has People Manager Access they will be able to view the casual worker's record.


If the casual worker needs access to student information they must complete the Oath of Confidentiality form.


Paying the Casual Worker


The casual worker should complete the appropriate casual payment claim form detailing the hours they have completed, which should be signed by the line manager and the senior manager with responsibility for the budget from which the payment is requested. This must be sent to Payroll by the 10th of the month for payment in that month. Please note: in order to be paid in that month, the worker's details must already be on HR Connect (the HR system). If an Appointment Form, along with an individual's Right to Work in the UK ID,  has not been received by the HR Services team prior to receipt of the casual payment form, payment cannot and will not be made.

Casual workers must submit claim forms as outlined above for each month worked as soon as possible once the work has been completed for that month.


The casual worker will receive an e-payslip confirming their payment details.  Please refer to the Terms of Engagement e-mail for password details.


Use of Casual Workers


At the University, there is often a genuine need to use casual workers e.g. Invigilators, External Examiners, Student Helpers or in order to fill very short-term needs or cover (maximum 4 weeks). However, Line Managers should ensure that casual workers do not work regular hours or complete work on a regular basis. If this is the case, managers must consider other options, such as using fixed-term or permanent contracts.  Please speak to the HR Services Team for advice, if required.

On the Casual appointment form an end date must be supplied. Should this be extended a further SAF is required.


Should a casual worker not receive a payment for a period of 13 months, they will be actioned as a leaver and removed from HR Connect. The casual worker would have to complete a new Appointment Form and provide Right to Work in UK ID again should they be required to complete casual work for the University again.


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