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Zero Hour Lecturers are employed by the University to complete flexible and short-term or unexpected academic requirements, when certain business needs arise, for instance: sickness absence cover or the requirement for short term teaching to deliver a specialist / short-term module. Our zero hour contracts are not exclusive - we recognise and encourage the holding of appropriate external appointments / positions which may be of direct or indirect benefit to the University and/or the individual. The hours of work are normally agreed in advance on a trimester basis.
Zero Hour Lecturers are only permitted to work between 8 to 300 hours per academic year, (1 August – 31 July). Zero Hour contracts are no-obligation contracts i.e. Zero Hour Lecturers are not required to accept hours offered by the University and the University is not required to provide them with hours. The use of Zero hours contracts across the University are reviewed on an annual basis, with the following being considered:
           if the hours worked remain short-term or are to cover unexpected academic requirements with identifiable peaks and troughs in the work pattern, continue with the zero hour contract
           if the hours worked have stabilised, consider moving to a standard (i.e. fixed hours) permanent or fixed-term contract. These are advertised in the normal manner and holders of zero hours contracts are eligible to apply.
Zero Hour Lecturers are placed on permanent Zero Hour Contracts, which in the main mirror the Academic HE2000 contract apart from the hours and payment sections. Therefore, it is important that they are treated in an equitable manner to staff with contractual hours, for example in terms of activity planning and workload allocation, PDR, communications, development and performance management.
The University has developed a Guideline Document as well as a Managers Checklist which must be adhered to. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the contents of these documents as they clearly outline the appropriate use and treatment of Zero Hour Lecturers which must be applied consistently across the University.

Relevant  Documents: