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You are already part of the team at Edinburgh Napier University - so we don't need to tell you how great it is to work here.  As the University develops so do you.  So if you are looking for a new challenge, please login into "HR Connect Self Service" on the staff intranet page. 

I want to apply for an internal Vacancy?

Internal vacancies are now accessible via HR Connect Self Service.  To view open vacancies(please ensure you use Internet Explorer):

1.       Please login to your "HR connect self service​" page via the quick links on the intranet.(This will open a new window)
2.       Once signed in, click on the “Current Vacancies” tab on the right hand side of the self service page. 
3.       This should take you to a new job search page. Scroll down the page and click the grey "Search" button. 
4.       Once your search is complete. Click on the “job title(in blue)” for example "Lecturer in Accounting" to access that position and click the grey “Apply online” button.
5.       Please read all the instructions on the "Jo​b Application summary" page and then complete the online application form.
6.       Please ensure that you complete all the information on the application summary page, all the red exclamation mark symbols, should turn to green once complete.
7.       Ensure all your personal information/education details are correct and up to date such as address, mobile number, professional qualifications, PhD, teaching qualification etc. 
8.       Once you have completed the application form pages, click "apply" and then the "Submit" button. 
9.       Once submitted, you will obtain an email from us to confirm your application form has been recieved. 


Internal Vacancy List ​​​