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Career Development for Professional Services

As part of the University Strategy, Driving Distinctiveness, one of the top 10 priorities identified for 2022/23 was professional services career development 

The main objective of our career development work is to support Professional Services colleagues with clearer routes for career development, aligned to their personal career aspirations. We are delighted to be enabling Professional Services colleagues to own their own career development in a number of ways: 

Building a Community

To ensure Professional Services colleagues feel valued and confident in the role we play in the success of the University​ we are connecting people who work in Professional Service roles across the University. This is a collaborative space for Professional Services Colleagues to connect and support each other:

Sharing Career Stories

Sharing career stories can be a powerful way to connect with others, learn new things, and gain inspiration and motivation for your own career. 

At Napier, we pride ourselves on being the home of difference makers. We are delighted to be able to share career stories from staff working across the University and tell us what has made a difference in their career. 

Meet Our People - read career stories from colleagues working across the University

Join an informal session to ​hear from colleagues about their career and what has made a difference to them​

Sharing your own career story can be a way to reflect on your own experiences and accomplishments. It can help you identify areas where you've grown or where you need to improve and can be a way to celebrate your successes. Please add your details if you are interested in sharing your career story and someone will contact you to discuss this further.

Developing Resources

We are currently developing resources to support Career Development in collaboration with the Professional Services Community. If you have ideas about what you would like to see then please share your thoughts and ideas​ and we will get in touch to discuss this further.