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Employee Engagement Survey 2018


Our staff survey takes place every two years, after which I share the full results report with you. The survey is very important to me; we all want the University to be a great place to work, as articulated in Strategy 2020. Following January's survey, the 2018 University-wide results report can be found here.

I'd like to once again thank you for your feedback. I value your opinions highly and appreciate that they give an accurate picture of how you feel about working at Edinburgh Napier University, along with what the University is good at and where we need to improve.

As I said in my email last month, our overall staff engagement index is 76%, compared with 80% in 2015 and 70% in 2013.

You told us that, overall, areas of strength include:
  • Understanding your role/responsibilities
  • Feeling valued by colleagues/students
  • Having clear objectives
  • Inclusion and equality
The areas that we need to focus on and improve are:
  • Effective management of change
  • Communication and co-operation between different parts of the University
  • University leadership
  • Workload challenges
My colleagues in senior leadership across the University and I will act on this feedback now and over the months ahead to prioritise and deliver work that will deliver improvements. We need your support to do this.
There is a lot of valuable information in this survey report, and information relevant to your area will be shared locally with you over the next three weeks. Your Dean of School/Director will be in touch shortly to advise you how, where and when you can receive, probe and discuss the report findings further.

Your feedback will provide the basis for identifying the local actions that will have the biggest impact on your working life. Through our discussions with you, senior colleagues and I will work to identify the priorities for University level action to support you. Please get involved in this action planning process - it's your opportunity to shape and agree your local plan that will build on areas of strength and prioritises areas that need to be improved.

In the meantime, take the opportunity to read, discuss and reflect on the University-wide results. I will be out and about over the coming weeks to talk these through with you, to get a better understanding of why you feel the way you do and to prioritise actions my team and I need to take to improve the staff experience here at Edinburgh Napier University.

Kind regards,
Professor Andrea Nolan