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Improving the Induction process

We are improving the way we manage the induction process by introducing Development Plans. These act as a way to record employee progress towards Learning and Development goals.

The first development plan will be ‘Edinburgh Napier Essentials’, which will be applied to all new staff with contracted hours who have joined the University from the 1st January 2015. The plan will cover all of the essential learning activities required for their Induction, including induction learning events, online learning and reading. Most new staff will also have role specific development requirements, which will still be accessed in Moodle, separately from ‘Edinburgh Napier Essentials’.

How Do they Work?

Learning Events on the Development Plan will automatically be marked as complete when the member of staff has attended the event. Other activities, including on-line learning, information, reading and completion of Moodle Local Induction activities should be updated by the employee to show the date achieved. There is no longer a need to return the Moodle checklist as this will be indicated as completion of ‘Local Induction’ on the Development Plan. You, as the manager will also have full access to the development plan, to monitor your new staff member’s progress towards attaining the development goals.

We will be sending information about the ‘Edinburgh Napier Essentials’ development plan in the employee new start emails, received automatically by new joiners on day one. At the same time we will send you a reminder about the induction process. These emails will replace the new joiner emails currently sent by Corporate Learning and Development.

We will introduce more plans in 2015, for instance ENable Your Career, Administrator Essentials, Management Essentials and other development opportunities.

Full details are available in our Learning and Development User guides for People Manager and Self Service users. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions or require further information. We would also welcome feedback from you and any new staff joining us from the 1st January 2015.