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Online Sickness Absence - Post Project Update

This year we successfully completed the roll out of online sickness absence recording in HR Connect.  As a result all line managers have access to real time absence information.  We also introduced monthly alerts to line managers where the trigger of 3 absences in 6 months has been met.  As part of our post implementation review user feedback about the change has been positive.  We have also identified a small number of problems that we need you to be aware of or help to resolve.


Increasing absence due to “Other Known Causes not in List”

We are concerned about the increasing use of this absence reason.  It is now the most frequent reason for sickness.  This is having an impact on the information available to support the management of absence.  Our absence categories are based on the classification model created by the Institute of Occupational Medicine (in collaboration with the HSE) and enable us to benchmark against other organisations.  When following up with individuals who have used this reason, it has been possible to find a better fit that they are comfortable with for their symptoms or cause of absence. 


To improve our data quality this absence reason is from 18 Deember 2015 unavailable.  Absence Reason Guidance is available to all users.  A link to this is sent to the employee when sickness is recorded.  They can also get in touch with their HR Adviser or Payroll if they need help when self-certifying online.


Missing Fit Note information

We are auditing Fit Note return on a weekly basis.  To enable this, Fit Notes details must be recorded on HR Connect before sending to Payroll.   In the majority of cases these are not being recorded and this is impacting the audit process.  

All People Manager users have the ability to record Fit Note details.  The process may have been locally defined, particularly where the Sickness Contact model is being used.  If you are not sure about what to do when you receive a Fit Note, please refer to your launch communication email to ensure that you are following the appropriate steps.


For more information on HR Connect contact us on hrconnect@napier.ac.uk or ext. 3728.