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​People Manager Professional Development Review Meetings

As the first phase of our roll out of recording Professional Development Reviews (PDR) in HR Connect People Manager, users now have the ability to record the dates of PDR meetings held for their staff in HR Connect.


The PDR meeting must be recorded in HR Connect after the meeting has taken place. At this stage, the only information required is the date that the meeting took place, the type of meeting (annual or interim) and the proposed date of the follow up meeting. Screen shot of Professional Development Review Meeting record


Once a PDR meeting is recorded the employee will receive an email reminding them to complete and return their PDR paperwork, and a note of the planned next review date. The line manager of the person recording the meeting will also receive a confirmation that you have recorded the meeting.


Reports of completed PDR meetings will be sent periodically to each Dean / Director to give them an overview of their area, and allow them to ensure that each employee has had a PDR meeting with their line manager. This new process, which is a University audit requirement, replaces any locally held spreadsheets and as such must be used for all PDR meetings from now on.


You will have the option of attaching any documents generated as part of the PDR process to the review meeting record, if required.  Although this is optional, it is recommended in order to have easy access to all review meeting notes and other documentation. These documents can only be viewed by the reviewer and their line manager. The employee does not have access to these documents through Employee Self Service.


Full details are available in the People Manager Learning and Development User Guide. If you have any questions please contact us on the HR Connect support number (3728) or hrconnect@napier.ac.uk.