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Manager Notifications of Three Absences in Six Months

To support managers in the management of sickness absence, we have automated the production of the email that highlights when 3 absences have occurred in a 6 month period. Until now, these would have be sent to managers by their HR Adviser. This process has already benefitted from the university-wide introduction of real time sickness absence recording.

The email alerts will be created on the last day of each month and will be sent directly to the person’s current line manager. The manager may receive an email about the same person more than once, where the 3 absences in the past 6 months condition remains true on the day the alert is created.

If any triggers are met or exceeded, the line manager must carry out a return to work interview, normally within three working days, to advise the individual that a trigger has been met and discuss the employees absence / wellbeing with them. If triggers are met, a referral to OH should be considered by the Line Manager to identify if there are any underlying conditions or support that the Line Manager can put in place to help improve the employees attendance / wellbeing.

As well as acting upon these notifications, you can review absence triggers at any time in HR Connect in a number of ways.

  • If are using the line manager sickness absence recording model, you will see the last 12 months sickness absence history when recording a new absence.  
  • If using the sickness contact model you can view Sickness Details at any point.
  • You can also run the Absence Tolerances Report.

For more information on HR Connect Reports please refer to the People Managers Reporting User Guide, or contact us on hrconnect@napier.ac.uk or ext. 3728.