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Understanding Holiday Balances






Why is sensitive data held about me in HR Connect?
The Data Protection fair processing statement for staff outlines the type of data that the University is required to record and the purposes for recording this information.


Can I access HR Connect from Home?
You will only be able to access HR Connect using a secure University network. If you would like to access HR Connect from home, you will need to use the Virtual Desktop or VPN. Instructions on how to set up Virtual Desktop are available from the Information Services web pages.


How do you know if a field is Mandatory?
A blue background in a field means that that field is mandatory.


How far back does historical data go?
Human Resources hold electronic records which go back as far as 2001.   Data that is pre 2010 came from our 2 legacy systems and is not as comprehensive as we have now.


Am I able to download reports from HR Connect?
People manager users have access to a suite of reports around structure and absence.  It is recommended that reports are not saved on to your PC or any other electronic device. You are able to run reports directly from HR Connect when required and delete them when no longer required.


What happens if an employee leaves, is their HR Connect access deactivated?
Yes, a Leaver form should be completed and submitted to Human Resources. If the leaver has People Manager access an employment details change form should also be submitted to Human Resources to confirm the new line manager's details and the new.


Can a Manager redirect tasks?
Yes a manager can redirect tasks to another line manager who has People Manager permissions. The nominated line manager will only be able to approve/decline tasks. They will also receive any automated notifications during the redirection period.  The nominated line manager will not be able to access any other data.  If there is a change in reporting line then the structure should be updated by your HR Adviser - task redirection is not recommended in these circumstances.


Can you access Leaver information?
Yes, but only for 90 days past their leaving date.


Can you view historical data in HR Connect?
Yes, Job, Salary, Training and Absence History is available in HR Connect. The historical data back dates to 2001.


How will annual leave be approved, if a line manager is off sick? 
Tasks can be redirected to another line manager by contacting the HR Connect team. 


Will payslips continue to be posted to staff?
You can view your payslip via HR Connect or opt into receive an e-payslip.  Paper payslips are no longer printed although current P60s are.  Current and historical P60s are available to view in HR Connect.  


Will staff be able to enter Flexi time direct into the system?
No, HR Connect is not a time and attendance type system so this is not feasible.  However functionality to request Flexi Leave is available to staff.  


Will the system work out holiday entitlement in hours?
Yes, you can view your holiday entitlement balance in HR Connect. The Leave entitlement policy provides details of how holiday entitlement is calculated.


Are Public holidays included in the holiday entitlement?
Yes, so if you are not due to work on these days the time is available for you to request as annual leave.  To ensure that leave is calculated correctly it is critial that your work pattern is correct for the period.  So for instance, if your pattern changes from semester to semester HR must be advised.


What is the process if a staff member wants to report that their holiday entitlement is wrong?
Holiday Rules are calculated as per the HR policy, if you believe your holiday entitlement has been calculated incorrectly please discuss with your line manager in the first instance.


Will we continue to Self Certify?
Your sickness absence record is initiatied by your line manager or a sickness absence administrator.   When you return to work you must close your sickness absence record online - you do not need to provide a paper self-certificate.  If your absence is 8 calendar days or more a Fit Note must be provided to your line manager.


How do I record Time Off In Lieu (TOIL)?
Line managers should record TOIL as it is worked.  Staff can then request TOIL leave in the same way the annual leave is requested.  If your TOIL leave request exceeds the TOIL leave entitlement then the leave cannot be authorised and you should discuss with your line manger.  Please refer to the Overtime Policy.


Is it possible to record that a staff member has worked on a public holiday?
A Line Manager can amend bank holiday details to show that it has not been taken.  The time is then available to be requested as annual leave.


Why is my holiday entitlement calculated in hours?
All holiday entitlement is calculated in hours to enable all staff to experience maximum benefit from the Holiday entitlement functionality in HR Connect.  It also streamlines the process as people change from working full time to part time and vice-versa.  It ensures that everyone has proportionately the same annual leave entitlement regardless of when in the year their work or their work pattern.


Can you cancel a holiday that already has been approved?
Yes you can cancel a future dated approved holiday by logging into HR Connect.  If the holiday is in the past and you have not taken the leave, please contact your line manager who will be able to delete or amend your holiday booking as you cannot do this retrospectively. 


Will the system automatically calculate the fixed leave you are entitled to, if you work part time?
Yes.  It is critical that your work pattern is correct in order to do this.  Your leave balance oustanding includes the hours not taken if you were not due to work a public holiday - so you can request this time as personal holiday.


Will sessional staff holidays be calculated?
No, however, it is possible to record sessional leave in the system so that there is visibility of the time due to be off to the line manager and to others in a peer group where these have been set up.  Please speak to your HR Advisor if you wish to do this. 


Who will have access to my annual Leave information?
Your Line Manager will be able to view your annual leave information. If your manager has added you to a peer group(s), all staff in the peer group are able to view one another's annual leave information.  To meeting our Financial reporting requirements  a summary value of leave entitlement outstanding is provided to Finance as at 31st July each year.


If I have submitted annual leave request, then want to swap to Flexi leave, how do I request?
If the annual leave request is in the future, you will be able to cancel your leave in HR Connect. If the annual leave request is in the past, you will need to contact your line manager and request that your leave is adjusted. You can then request flexi leave for the same period.


Will the system allow you to carry forward more than 5 days annual leave?
As per our Annual Leave policy, 'In exceptional circumstances, employees can carry forward, up to a maximum of 5 days from leave entitlement one leave year to the next providing that it is taken by the end of December in that leave year and that it is approved by the Head of School/Director of Service' HR Connect will carry forward the value automatically, and remove it from the entitlement if not used before the Christmas fixed holidays.  This value is not automatically pro-rated for part time employees so may need to be adjusted by the line manager. 


As a Line Manager, can you view staff that are on Maternity Leave?
Yes, Line managers have access to team absence records in HR Connect.  Absence data other than holiday and sickness is currently entered 1 month in arrears, therefore is not real time.  


How far in advance can you book holidays?
There is no limit to how far in advance holiday can be booked, however we would encourage that you provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice to your line manager.   Please be aware that when booking leave in the next holiday year, the public holidays may not be known, hence your entitlement balance will be reduced at a future date (normally June/July.)


How will compassionate leave, special leave be handled?
Special Leave requests should be submitted to your line manager using the Special Leave request form. This information is entered into HR Connect normally one month in arrears.  You can also view this in Self Service.


Can you add a holiday retrospectively in Self Service?
Yes you can request leave retrospectively providing there is a suitable justification for the late request. It is important that your leave record on HR Connect reflects all actual leave taken.


What happens if I have approved holiday and then I am sick on the days that annual leave fall?
On return from sick leave, providing that you have submitted a Fit Note from your doctor, you can request that the relevant holiday dates are deleted by your line manager.   The entitlement can therefore be used at a future date as agreed with your line manager.   Fixed holidays cannot be taken at another time.


 How can you view all holidays people have booked in one glance?
A line manager can access the Absence Calendar or Peer Calendar in HR Connect to view absence for their team or group of staff in the department.


Does holiday entitlement automatically carry over from 1 year to the next?
Yes, the system will automatically update your holiday entitlement from one year to the next in line with our annual leave policy. You can view your holiday entitlement balance by logging into HR Connect.  Your line manager can view the amount of carry forward leave that would be lost if not taken by Christmas time. 


Can I change a holiday booking once the dates have been approved by line manager?
Yes, log into HR Connect, view your holiday bookings, amend dates and submit. You line manager be required to approve the changed booking.


Am I able to view a record of training courses I have attended at the University?
Yes, HR Connect holds a personal learning account which lists all the internal training that you have attended, going back to 2001.  From here you can also view the details of any events that you are on the waiting list for or that you have cancelled from.


Can you record external learning activities?
Yes you can add records to the Personal Learning account which can include activities which you have participated in, out with the University. This is useful to you for recording CPD and for your line manager when discussing your development. 



Will I receive reminders to attend an event?
Yes, you and your line manager will receive email notifications 5 days before the event if it is one that has been organised by University providers.


Can I book on an event via HR Connect?
Yes you all event bookings must be made via HR Connect - there is no paper alternative for HR Connect users.   It is important that you are booked onto an event.  You will not be expected to attend if you have not booked a place.


Can I cancel off of an event if it is in the past?
It is not possible to cancel off of an event, if it is in the past. Contact the relevant Learning Provider, if you were not able to attend an event.


Can I view a full list of University Learning events?
Yes, you can choose to view all events or you can search by name.


What is meant by the Holiday Period?
The calendar year to which the annual leave figures relate e.g. 1st September 2014 to 31st August 2015. 


What is meant by the Entitlement?
Your total annual leave allowance in hours, including 14 bank holidays.


What is meant by the column 'taken'?
This is the total value in hours of any leave (including bank holidays) that has already taken place.


What is meant by the column 'scheduled'?
This is the total value of hours that for leave that is due to take place in the future. This includes any holiday requests still awaiting authorisation and any bank holidays that have not yet taken place.


What is meant by the column 'balance'?
The total of outstanding annual leave still to be taken during the current holiday year.