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HR Connect 


The core HR information system has been live since November 2010. In October 2011 HR rolled out access to staff across the University to deliver an improved value added service to employees.  In February 2014 we launched a new version of Employee Self Service.


The launch of HR Connect provides the opportunity to enhance the data integrity of our staff data, delivery transparency to staff of the data that we hold on them as well as move away from paper processes which are an administrative burden and create unnecessary waste.


There are now a number of HR processes that you can complete entirely online.  These include updating your personal details, booking annual leave and booking learning events (or putting yourself on the waiting list for future ones.)  Payslips are available online.  You can also opt in to receive an e-payslip each month as well as view your current and historical P60s.


Line managers also have access to relevant information about the staff that report to them and the ability to produce management information as and when required. 


In 2014 we will be rolling out online sickness absence recording across the University.  Future plans including the replacement of the Vacancy Management System with the HR Connect recruitment module.  This will improve the applicant experience and also make the information flow from candidate to employee status significantly more efficient.


Margaret Cook, Director of Human Resources and Development, said: "We will create efficiencies around how we handle the significant volume of HR transactions that take place each year. One way we will be doing this is by connecting up our people processes - so for example, the staffing authorisation process flows into vacancy management, then appointment, induction and so on. The system has become a key tool with people information being more visible - supported by clear rules around access."


We will keep you up to date with progress and anything you might need to know or do. Your input is important - so please email the team HRConnect@napier.ac.uk if you have any ideas, issues or concerns that you'd like the HR Connect team to know about.