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Your Induction at Edinburgh Napier Uni​versity


We are committed to providing a comprehensive induction programme, this includes links to mandatory induction modules, induction events and information on local induction activities.


By working through the induction process and the accompanying documentation you should be well on your way to understanding how Edinburgh Napier University operates and your role within it.


        ​ Local Induction                             University Indu​c​tion Event                  Online Mandatory Training

Your Induction Chec​klist

Your induction checklist​​​ is a guidance document that includes links to mandatory training modules, induction sessions and a list of essential tasks to complete within your first three months. This is for all new starts at the University.

Once all activities have been undertaken you should be mark these as complete through your induction plan located on your HR Connect. T​his plan should be completed within 3 months of your start date (please refer to document 4 below). You should also confirm completion with your line manager.

Supporting Document ​and Guides

  1. Buddy Guidance
  2. How to access Essential Skillz Platform​ (eLearning modules)
  3. How to book​​/cancel my space on HR Connect​​​/or add my name on the waitlist for a training course​​
  4. How to complete my induction plan on HR Connect​
  5. Induction checklist ​
  6. Induction FAQs​
  7. Jargon buster​​
  8. Useful information on our schools and service departments​

New Manager Induction


If you are joining us in a people management role or have taken on people management responsibilities, there are a number of role-essential induction materials you need to complete. Information on the New Manager induction process can be found on the new manager induction intranet page.


Manager's Responsibilities


It is the responsibility of the Manager to provide an effective local induction on the specifics of role and workplace.  As the local induction occurs first, it is the most important part of the induction process for the new member of staff.

A manager's guide​ has been designed to outline line responsibilities and provide a list of generic requirements for local induction. Managers will be expected to add role/departmental/School-specific activity.